Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sweet Spunky Tomatoes

My Sweet Tomato Love and I

Jicama, kidney beans, spinach and hot fudge sundaes, the ingredients for a scrumptious date. Since returning to the US and allowing God to transform our marriage, dates have once again appeared on our menu. Tonight, we decided to splurge and get spunky.

We headed to Sweet Tomatoes, and threw in a twist. Walking through the salad bar with every fresh ingredient you could imagine from lettuce to blue cheese crumbles, we handed our plates over to each other. Tonight, I chose the food for my love and he chose for me. The only rule, no helping or hinting.

He created a salad filled with my favorites and a few that I wouldn't normally choose (broccoli isn't my fave). Then off to the made from scratch soup/muffin/pasta/pizza bar! My mouth is still watering. We laughed as we would fill each other's drinks with new creations. We smiled as we learned how much we really knew each other's tastes. And yes, there were a few silly gestures or bowls of steamed veggies that appeared on his plate. My sweet tomato hubby and I discovered some new favorites together as creative guesses can lead to tasty treats.

We would love some more fun, cost effective, and creative ideas for our dates. What are your most memorable dates, or maybe even ones that you would love to see us go on? I'm all ears.


Mich said...

What a fun date idea! CUTE picture.

Happy weekend!

Denise said...

So very sweet. I think you should go on a picnic.

Anonymous said...

How fun. Love that idea. By the way I am excited I won that book. I have tried to email you several times and it comes back to me. Can you maybe email me chrissie80@charter. net

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Now that is a date Scott and I would love! Wish there was a place like that around here - hmmmmm.

Our favorite dates are strolls through different cute towns - holding hands and watching people as we take in the scenery.

For laughs we might even play tennis together - since I'm horrible and he is very good. Or go bowling - we are both pretty good - more of an even game for me to have a chance to beat him!

Dates are so important! Make a promise to each other and never let anything come before them - outside of your walk with God of course!

Love and hugs,

Sharon Sloan - Joy In The Truth said...

I love the idea of handing your plate to each other! We will have to try that! :)

We love a simple date of dinner and a movie. Also, like Jill, walking through our little borough together. It's fun and peaceful.


Rhonda said...

I love dating my hubby. Sounds like a great date. I did a post not too long ago about a fun date idea. If you click on the link once your there, you too can have 6 awesome dates to go on.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Happy Monday Morning Sara,
So glad you and Ryan had such a lovely date night. Hubby and I love sweet tomatoes too, but it is about 30 mins. away so we don't go there often, and probably would never have gone if our son had not given us a gift certificate to the place!! We always used to go to that area so we could go to the mall and out to dinner, but now we have all that closer to us, less than 15 mins. away, so we go there. What a great and fun idea tho, fixing each others plates!
Sounds like fun to me.
Sometimes a night to go thru all your family photos and to see how much fun you have had over your years together is a fun thing to do. Also going to Steak and shake to get their Strawberry shortcake is fun, delicious and inexpensive.
Also MacDonalds has soft serve icecream cones for $ 1.09 I think it is, and sometimes you just need to sit across the table eyeball to eyeball as one of my friends used to say knowing you have that undivided attention. Walking on the beach is fun too, course, don't know if you have a beach where you live.
Also, we have a book somewhere but I can't find it and am afraid I loaned it to someone but can't remember who, and it gives you ideas for things to talk about when you go out, so you don't spend all your time talking about the kids, cause that happens very often. It has you go back and talk about your dating days, or maybe about when you were a kid,
or about your sex life, all sorts of things, but I can not for the life of me remember the name of the book. If I do find it or remember I will come back and tell you about it cause it has really been a fun thing for us.
Well my friend Happy Dating, so glad to see you and hubby are having such a great time together.
That is God's plan after all........ for us to enjoy each other. I think of that verse by Soloman about enjoying the wife of your youth, and I am sure that goes for enjoying the hubby of your youth as well!!
Have a delightful day Sara,
Blessings, Nellie

Debbie said...

Sara, I'm so sorry I've missed a few of your posts. Where have I been?

I love that you two are going on dates! My mom and dad used to do that when we were kids and it's good for the marriage. I think it's also good for the children to see what a healthy marriage relationship is like. Your boys will make good husbands one day.

Much has been going on here and I need to call you this week to fill you in. I want to tell you how much I appreciate your word of advice last time we spoke. You told me to speak Scripture aloud. That was great advice!

Love you my friend,

P.S. Another fun date is to pack a lunch and go to Saguaro Lake. Or horseback riding at South Mountain. I will think of more. :)

Janet said...

That sounds like fun! We may have to try that one.

So glad that you two can do date nights now. It is so important (as you know) and wonderful fun!



Charlotte said...

Hi Sara -- Keep sharing those date night ideas! I'm going to remember this one.

P.S. Congratulations on you first year anniversary. My how times fly's when your having fun.

Blessings always.

Leslie said...

sweet! i love it! :)

prashant said...

So glad that you two can do date nights now. It is so important (as you know) and wonderful fun!
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Jingle said...

sweet and fabulous!
very enjoyable post!

Jingle said...

will follow you,
Happy Wednesday!

Jelli Bean said...

Hi Sara! Jonathan and I (April) have really been enjoying dates from ¨The Great Date Experiment¨ posted online from 1st Baptist Church of Springdale. They´re lots of fun, and usually things that are original and unique ideas---not just boring dinner dates. Hope you enjoy and glad to see that your family is thriving so well in AZ. Hugs from Ticoland!

Here´s the link:

Sue said...

Mmmm I love me some Sweet Tomatoes! We don't have those up here in Canada but I try & go at least once when I get down to NC to visit my sister.

Glad you & your "Sweet Tomato" had a fun date night! Keep it up ;-)