Monday, December 3, 2012

Leaves Go Crunch

Joy ... it just seems to ooze out of this one.   He lives each moment full.   On my journey to reclaim my smile, to splatter joy, I need not look far.

Children thrive on joy.  Their giggles escape from tiny lips and infuse the air around them.  Maybe that's why God says the kingdom of God belongs to them.  And we big grown up frowning, fretting, frustrated adults need to become more like them.

Me, I sometimes miss the joy moments.  I see a pile of leaves and wonder how long it will take to rake them, bag them, tie them up.   I need to see through different eyes.  Joy lenses. 

This week, I stooped down.  Kneeled on their level (all four of my little blessings).  Retraining my eyes, my mind, my me ... to see the joy in the leaves.  To heap them up only to jump.

Because when the day is done, this momma wants to curl up on on a crunch joy filled bed of leaves.  

Wanna splatter joy with me?  I would love to have some company in this journey.  Leave me a note, splash me an email, share your joy filled ideas ... and lets splatter one another in crazy joy!


Free Guesst Posting said...

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Denise said...

My sweet friend, I do want to splash around in the joy with you. My precious little three year old nephew and I run through the grocery store, as he says to me, stay on the green line aunt nesie. woo hoo, so much joy.