Friday, December 28, 2012

Goodbye Little Boots

Little boots officially transitioned out of our home this morning.  Sweet little precious, leaves with seeds planted deep.  She is a mighty 3 year old prayer warrior that ends her prayers with “thank you God that you have good plans for me.  That you love me, always and forever.  How deep and wide and high. Amen.”

This is the reason I thought I could never foster, letting go.  But His peace is so real and flooding our home.  He has orchestrated for this sweet princess to be with her sister and I am filled with joy instead of tears.

With God all things are possible.  Breathe.  We are bringing home a 13 year old daughter today.  Lil Joy's sister.

Just weeks after Lil Joy came, I heard the small still voice of God leading and asking us to bring her older sister.  I simply responded by asking Him to move the mountains, tucking it all into my heart.  By human standards, simply impossible.
  1. We had no room in our foster home or our license.  
  2. We were not allowed to foster older children (only to age 12)
  3. Our boys did not want older children in the home.
  4. My family would think I was crazy for even suggesting it!
I watched as God began to move.  Little boots began to transition to be with her sis, an opening soon in our home.  We met this precious 13 year old.   My youngest asked if she could come to stay.  My oldest agreed.  This momma sat with mouth open wide.   
Our foster license amended in 12 hours.  Anyone who fosters or adopts knows that is simply a miracle!  Most importantly, God has shown my prince and I, at this time, to open our home and hearts to this precious girl and shower her with His love.

On Christmas Eve, she brought me a little gift.  A little mom bracelet with a note saying “I miss a mom.”  God gave her the best gift, as she learned that we were going to bring her here.  No more shelter.  She has a home.
His love never fails.


Denise said...

Precious, and beautiful.

Alicia said...

Amazing.. God is SO BIG--- love your faith, your heart, your hands that hold and love in Jesus name. Blessings to you in the new year.

The Klippensteins said...

God has such great plans! How awesome that He lets us be a part of the healing for these children that have often seen such sorrow.
Thanks for sharing!