Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Treasure

eggs of the season

Tis that time, Tuesday. A day when we can come together and share our ideas (so hoping you will share some with me) on how to create true treasure times.

I promised to share the stuff that we cram into our treasure chest. Drawers spilling with hands on ways, tattered well loved Bibles, holding the truest treasure in our home.

As Easter approaches, the eggs always surface. Boys, ages 7 and 10, still clamor to read, grip in their hands, hide them, and seek. Seek the truth behind the colored plastic.

Our crated box of the Easter story, worn well with age and use and little smudgy fingers growing up, tells the simple story of Easter. Each egg holds a piece of the story, and my boys never tire of popping a color wide open and sharing from heart what it means.

We have used over the years, a few tried and true resources, packing them up and moving them from country to country.
* resurrection Easter eggs that you can buy online
* or get creative and make your own set by following the directions here.
* the best book for little ones (teaches in simple rhyme, the story of Easter using the resurrection eggs. Here is a set I found with the book and the eggs plus some bonus items.
* Benjamin's box is the book we read throughout the year, and pull out our eggs to tell and retell the story together. This one is a longer read, but you could do a page a day if needed for little ones.

This year, our boys are crafting their own. Digging deeper with eyes as wide as their smiles, as they read the words from favorite Bibles. Choosing colors and items, they are creating their own Easter egg story with scriptures scribbled with crayons.

The joy as they read His Word and plant it in their hearts ... a treasure for this momma.

We've added a few new plans for celebrating with creativity.
making scrumptious soft pretzel crosses
growing our own garden for the empty tomb
making cinnamony resurrection rolls to tell the sweetest story

.... and we are looking for more. Please share with us your treasure ideas.

In what ways do you celebrate Easter in your home, a favorite recipe, a verse, a song, a memory of the past, please share that our treasure chest may fill to the brim.

I just joined the pinterest party, you're invited to stop by and see some of the other ideas I have discovered for celebrating Easter with our family this year.


Blissful Blooms said...

We use those eggs too! My girls love them!

Anonymous said...

I remember we would take our kids to my parents house and my Mom set up a table for all the grand kids to paint ceramic easter bunnies. Another year my brother brought hand made pvc pipe marshmallow shooters for all the kids. I guess all our traditions and all memories made are at my parents. Excited to see what happens this year. Memory by Bambi

Just Be Real said...

Thank you for sharing. Blessings.

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

I think the treasure box is such a creative idea. And all your Easter ideas are so great. Those pretzel crosses sound delicious.

Thank you for stopping by my blog.
have a wonderful day!!
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Lindsey said...

We have these eggs! I take them with me to our family Easter bbq, While the uncles hide Easter eggs I sit the nieces and nephews down (and mine) and we go through the story. They love it! Last year was our third year of doing it and the older kids were basically telling it to me. Once they get a bit older we're going to hide them with the chocolate eggs and have them lay out the Easter story after. Great idea of the treasure box, LOVE it!

Hannah Avery said...

What great ideas! I really need to get some Resurrection eggs! I don't have any real Easter traditions yet, except I plan to make my son another Easter basket this year. He will probably go to an Easter egg hunt our church is doing too, and the college we work at is going to do a Passover meal, which we will attend, but I think I would really like to do more to get across the real meaning of Easter.