Monday, March 12, 2012

Little Hands Change the World

Our world changers, leading the way on the dirt roads in Kenya, Africa

When the world seems too overwhelming, sometimes children close their eyes, tight. Shutting out the hurt and pretending it away.

When the world seems too overwhelming, sometimes children open their eyes, wide. Letting love sink deep down and spilling it all over those around.

Our boys, ages 7 and 10, have seen quite a bit in their lifetime, passports bulging full with stamps and visas to the nations. Feeding children in trash dumps, tribal jungle treks, AIDS orphanages, inner city homeless ... their eyes have beheld.

Cultivating. Learning. Changing. Loving. Their hearts tugged on by the millions of Dalits, considered the untouchable lowest of lows, of India. We have yet to touch soil with feet. Their prayers have shaken mountains.

They banded together, sorted through their toys, searched through our learning supplies, and radically gave up. Marking prices. Selling favorite treasures. They gave, so they could share Jesus with these children in India.

"You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving." - Amy Carmichael

Continuing to share a thanks moment, say gracias, for little hands that change the world.

hearts of children wide open to give and love and sacrifice
brothers searching through their toys
delightful voices 'lets sell this for the kids in India, Mom'

little fingers pricing treasures
piles of favorites books, cherished toys and games piled high on the dining room table
friends that came to shop, and buy, supporting world changers' dreams

Bridges of Hope, connecting young boys with the nations
reaching their goal, miraculous
lives changed for eternity, in our home and India

and somewhere a water buffalo proclaiming His praise

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Emily said...

Hi Sarah,

You just stopped by my blog and left a sweet comment. However, when I went to reply, I realized your email address is not hooked up to your blogger {which means people cannot reply to your sweet comments.}

If you don't know how to fix that, there is step-by-step instruction on my blog.


Sarah said...

Em ... no worries. Sometimes I like to hop around blog land and splash people with encouragement. I don't expect people to comment on my comments, but rather to simply smile.

Thanks for sharing though ...

Happy day,

Glenda said...

Sweet, sweet picture! I'm thinking of Jesus' words that we must become like little children to enter His kingdom. God bless you and your sweet family - and your giving hearts!

Keystone said...

I do not know what made me think of you today.
But when that happens to me, I stop what I am doing, and say a prayer for you..... as led by the Holy Spirit.

One day, He will tell me all about it, the need, the prayer, the response by Him, and I have all eternity to listen. My hearing will be restored in heaven as surely as in the final miracle; Malchus had his ear cut off at the Arrest of Jesus in the Mount of Olives. Peter whacked the servant, Malchus' ear off with his dagger. No more hearing and lots of pain.
Christ said to put away the sword, Pete, we are not doing things that way, and lifted the ear, wiped it off, and touched it to Malchus, TO HEAR the orders anew, to arrest the man who restored his sense of hearing.

I know he has placed children on loan to you; in your family, in Costa Rica, in Arizona (I used to live in Scottsdale and you paint memories for me from there).

The New York Times has been running a series on the Civil War as it happened 150 years ago, each day as a live report in a spot called 'Disunion".

Ken Burns ran part of one letter in his epic Civil War series for PBS.

Sullivan Ballou was sure he was on the right side of the war (weren't they all?). He had a feeling the end was near, and wrote a letter home to Rhode Island to his wife and three children.

His final statement in that letter ended with his thoughts:
"Come to me, and lead thither my children."

Those words are etched on his tombstone in Rhode Island.

They remind me of another Sara, who listens to her Father in Heaven tell her "Come hither to me, and lead thither MY children".

She Follows His directive in action, at home, as mother, as wife, as author, as missionary, as a woman.

I have read your words in the background over many years.
I have seen times of silence; times of great output. I never worry for I know there is a Time for everything under the heavens, all made beautiful in His time.

I have always liked Sullivan Ballou's farewell letter to his wife, as he prepared for what he thought was his final battle. You can read it too in your spare moments, by printing a copy and perusing what a father, spouse, man means to say, but sometimes does not know how to say it. The letter is here:

I am glad to see you lift pen again; the world needs inspiration so badly.

And, on those days it is in short supply at the end of your pen, simply ask your Father to take all those prayers Keystone said on your behalf, and the behalf of your friends, family, and those led by God to be in your life in any location, in any way......and offer the Hope He always does....and do it through you.

God bless you abundantly, Sara!


Sarah said...

I have no words. Simple thanks through tears of joy. Tis time to lift pen again.

Thank you.

Brooklyn said...

Thanks so much for leaving a comment on Veggie Table mostly because it lead me to YOUR blog! I've snooped around and love it...can't wait to read more! :)

Brooklyn said...

Ohmygoodness YES! Bill Cosby (yep, that's his real name!) is a standard black poodle and my nephew :) He is sooo sweet but SO LARGE!

Wendy said...

Thanks so much for the comment that you left on my blog! I've looked around a bit on yours and I love it!

Praying that you have a blessed week!


Amy said...

This is awesome! I can see we are kindred spirits!!!! :-)