Friday, March 11, 2011

Rice Story Continues

I started something that I must pursue to the end. Mind you, I have no idea if anyone is reading. It's more for me. A challenge of the sorts. Can I type a post while in the minutes between simmer, saute and the ting of the timer and the dinner dance?

And it's a story I have yet to pen. Our story. How the little king won the heart of the princess. Start the countdown .... 5 minutes ticks away quickly and I apologize profusely for the errors as my fingers scramble over the keys.

Catch up and read part one if you like. We left with the he of my story following my footsteps. Brought together, I laugh now as almost it looks as if He was stalking me. Yet my eyes closed to the truth of what was happening. I couldn't see.

Serving together in our small group for college students, teaching Sunday school for 6th graders, a campus ministry at the University, inner city work with young kids on the weekends, everywhere together. He blended into my schedule and we fast became best friends.

Each night, he would call or visit my home. Sitting on opposite couches, we would fill the hours with words, dreams, life. Then one night he asked if I wanted to get a bite to eat. Making plans for later in the week. Accustomed to grabbing bites with our friends from time to time, I thought the same. My mom made sure I called him back, to ask what he was wearing.

I needed to wear a nice dress. He prayed over our time as I slipped into his car. Dinner at a nice restaurant, not our usual friend fast food fare. He paid. I can hear your laughter now as I honestly tell you I saw nothing. I debated for a few years after we were married, now I humbly realize it was a date.

I heard the first time he spoke the Word and taught others from the love inside of Him. He stood beside me in a difficult time in my life, wrapping me in prayers. When I was sick, he came with flowers and hot chocolate, helping me finish a class project.

Imagine the pain that hit me when people began to talk. A friend asked me if we were dating. Everyone was asking and thinking we made a great couple. My heart sank. I was going to have to tell him what our group was saying. I would lose my best friend.

I called him. He came over. I had rehearsed my words over and over to make sure I said them right. Sitting in my living room I told him.

Ugh, the five minute bell. This one is to be continued .....
PS I'm kinda liking this challenge for me. Keep it quick. Keep it simple. Type fast. I write during dinner and post for the next day. I just might keep this up for Fridays :)


Divine Mrs D said...

So sweet! :) I can't wait to read the next installment.

Jill Samter Photography said...

a lovely story with a lovely ending and future!

love you!

Janet - AKA: Latte Lady said...

No I did not see it! LOL!

Great minds think alike.



The Renwicks said...

Looking forward to part two! Thanks for stopping by my blog - its lovely to have visitors :-)

Did you post on your time away as a family after the last tsunami? We had friends go out to india from our church but I didnt get to go.

Thanks again for stopping by!

The McClain's said...

This is so exciting...I had been waiting! And such a great way to write...snippets have become my way of writing as well...keep it up :) I'm still reading!

Kara said...

What a fun way to share your story...don't leave us hanging-- :)

Meliski said...

You're keeping us on the edge of our seats! :)

The Unknowngnome said...

Ok, every Friday is now "five minute Friday"! I like the suspense.

Maybe you could cook something that has to simmer for 10 minutes so you could bring us to a full boil.

Cherry Bedenkop said...

And I remember when Ryan asked me "Does this belt match these shoes?" I knew then you were someone special to him!

~Pam~ said...

Hi Sara,
Love how you are sharing your story, looking forward to the next part. :-)

God bless you!

denise said...

LOVED IT, SARA! You have such great style :o) Wish I had your flair for the extras on your blog... it adds so much and makes all of us seem that we are part of your family! Wonderful! Can't wait to read some of your past posts! Dee