Tuesday, March 8, 2011

For a Generation

Has anyone else noticed? Do we truly realize the potential wrapped up in a generation? Look into these eyes. Joy, love, a child like faith .... Children are the gift we give to a generation we will never see.

If you knew me, sat down for a cup of tea on my comfy sofa, soon you would learn I have a passion for children. It spills out of my heart and into my actions on a regular basis. Serving children on the mission field. Equipping children to change their world. Reaching a generation. My heartbeat and His.

When a child is involved, this mama bear tends to wage war. Let's just say I'm roaring today and bearing my teeth. I'm tired of playing nice. It's time to dust off the army boots and stomp into the battle. The best part, we already know who wins. A cross and an empty tomb ensure the real victory.

This battle in my heart began in an AIDS orphanage in Kenya. Peter forever changed my life with his smile and innocence being ravaged by a crazy disease he had no part in. We began the long process of adoption through Ethiopia. My heart began to beat wild as I battled for the children on the waiting list, praying and standing for them. We took a break from our adoption when we returned to the US from the mission field, called to a time of rest. My prayers continued to battle.

One particular precious one grabbed my heart. He survived a premature birth. On my knees for him instantly as I heard. God has plans for this little guy. A family matched. All paperwork passed. Some setbacks that we bulldozed through in the heavenly realms. Everything cleared. Waiting for the final call to come and take him home.

And now, a child blessed beyond measure with a mommy and daddy waiting for him. A family that knows my Jesus and will raise him. They wait. I stand with them, for far too long. Now this ... investigations, possible ending to international adoption from their country, children waiting for a home. Time to wage some serious warfare.

Care to find your battle fatigues and join me? These children have no voice but ours.

You can read the whole scoop here ....
Get involved by folding hands and storming the heavens here ...
Make your voice heard by shouting loud here ...


Jill Samter Photography said...

Beautifully written and praying with you!

Love you!

Meliski said...

I am so blessed to read your words. They calm and strengthen me. They keep me from despair and remind me to turn to THE ONE who holds every detail and who knows the number of every hair on our precious ones head. She is rocked to sleep by nannies, but in less than a month, I will hold her in my arms.

Bless you for keeping the children in your prayers


A Grace Story said...

delightful to meet you!
beautiful site-looking forward to reading more! Please add my precious friend Joan and her two babes to your prayers as these painful decisions from Ethiopia affect them as well. The God of the Universe is in charge, such a privilege to serve in His army together! God bless your fire in words, love it!!!

Jen said...

Sara! So glad you stopped by! You are an inspiration -- I look forward to getting to know you more! :)

Gena Parris said...

Oh I hear your heart. Children suffering because we can't get our grownup act together or give into evil. How hair pulling frustrating for those waiting parents, but you are right to call for prayer. They do not wait for laws and bureaucracy to change. They wait for the Lord.

I'm so glad you stopped by my blog last week and commented. It's great to meet you. Gena

Jill Funkhouser said...

Thanks for your sweet words and looking forward to getting to know you!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Nice to meet you too!

I'm so glad you popped by. My heart also has a special spot for the Kenyan people. Our family has "adopted" a pastor, his family and congregation. We send boxes of food, clothing, books, Bibles and toys every month. It has been a blessing to us to be able to practically help them.

I'm so glad your little guy is getting adopted by a Christian family.