Thursday, February 24, 2011

Walking on a Love High

I'm walking on a love high. Kinda like a buzz that I have never felt before, something words can hardly contain. I'm learning it friends. Learning to leave loveprints on the lives of others, step by step day by day.

You see, I uncovered a secret of simplicity tucked in the Word for me and everyone else. It's not about getting the love I need into my heart, into my life, into my everything that I do. Simply put, it's already there ...

"And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts ... " Romans 5:5

His love bubbles inside of me. He has poured it into my heart. The issue is getting it out of me, overflowing it into the lives of others, living love, living love out loud!

And today, a day filled with pouring out. Simply putting others first, walking in love with each step in a day that I could not orchestrate on my own. Even waking, I started with a big breath and a sigh to my Abba. I can't do this day without you. Didn't get time to brush my hair, but goodness I took time to dig into the Word. I needed to fuel before my love day.

Picking up a friend's kids so she could have her outpatient procedure, free from concerns of what may be happening at home. Extra breakfasts. Sloppy syrup. Smile and clean while I prepare to homeschool a few more and get ready to welcome 10 more. Thump thump.

Change a Spanish class to meet the needs of my students to the same time. Watch as God directs it all, dishes clean in sink as they arrive. Science projects with sand and water on slide overtaking the yard with giggles of glee. Hop to take the kids back home. A surprise trip for one sweet girl to a horse riding lesson, footprints of the horse variety. Thump thump.

Then off to help a friend and co-teach PE to 20 energetic 8 and 9 year olds. I know, I already taught my month, but this is love. Helping a friend so she won't have to teach alone. Running, blob tag, can I really have kids crawling through my legs. Thump thump.

Let the new puppy out, a love gift to my hubby and boys. Back home for a quick dash. Drop off the car we borrowed for the day (yes, I borrowed a car to do all of this). A friend needs a family to celebrate her birthday. We found the perfect spot, quite a bit away. Laughed, shared, treated. Thump thump.

The night continues and twists and turns. The long drive home, our van begins to lose power. By God's grace we made it to the side of the bustling highway before it sputtered and sighed. In the dark, we watched the stars and found constellations as cars sped by. Thump thump.

Mom and Dad came. As the love poured from my life to others, it was time to receive. A tow truck, a gift from a loving Abba. Provided by Him through the hands of His children. Home snuggled in warm. A car to borrow for tomorrow's day. Our van waiting patiently to be fixed in the morning. Thump thump.

On the buzz of the day, the high of walking in love with each step. I could not have done this day a month before my journey. Reflecting. Rejoicing. No, I wasn't perfect. In all honesty, a few times the grumpies tried to surface. I caught them almost in time and continued step by step loveprint by loveprint.

Walking in love. Simple. Profound. His command to love God, love others, love ourselves. Something's there in pure power as it unfolds in my life.


elizabeth said...

This is beautiful and is encouraging me to let His flow through me! Thanks Sarah!

Jill Samter Photography said...

AMEN! Your love prints are having a lifetime effect on many more than you will ever realize Sarah!

I love you!

Divine Mrs D said...

Beautiful :)

Janet - AKA: Latte Lady said...

Amen! You are such a wise woman of God. He is.

Is there anything that you recommend for learning Spanish in our homeschool?