Thursday, September 30, 2010

When Love Smacks a Homerun

A love of baseball invaded our family. Grass stained knees, rubber bands holding gloves tight for the perfect crease, sliding into bases, mommy learning the lingo ...

Honestly, I would choose any other sport. I married into a baseball family. Moving back to this country, our boys caught the bug.

Each day we hear the stats of teams and players I have yet to meet. Each day our backyard morphs into the World Series game 7. Each day I choose to do a happy dance as love smacks a homerun.

Getting inside their world. Engaging in the joys and dreams of my children. Choosing to fall in love with baseball and learning alongside of them. My life, no clang clang here.

Hitting it out of the park, we instigated 'love gems', linking their world of baseball with the power of His love. We watch for the highlights of the day, brothers walking in radical love to one another, engaging in life lavished with love. Gathered in our family dugout, we share the love gems of the day and love smacks a homerun.

Becoming a star baseball player takes time, dedication, practice, drills, and determination. Raising mighty warriors in the kingdom of God takes nothing less.


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

So sweet!

Ahhh baseball :-) A game I choose to never watch again.

Love you and thankful for YOUR JOY!


Treasures Evermore said...

This family is hockey....actually it's "mom" who loves hockey. Trying to not get consumed by it LOL.

Our one son placed baseball when he was 6-7yrs.old. But he spent more time sitting on the grass and picking the grass than watching the game. He never made it through any season. Now my boys play hockey.

Love the photo.


Denise said...

Really nice.

Leslie said...

Awesome!!! Love the photo of Caleb, it just radiates his joy and passion. I love how you've just jumped in as well. So what are love gems? Do tell! :)

The Klippensteins said...

Sometimes you just have to fake it till you make it. Love that you are learning to love something your family does. Just because you love them. You are a great mom.

Jenn V said...

Football and hunting. Two things I would NEVER choose. But I have learned so much through the love my boys have for these activities. There are lessons to be learned, wisdom to be gleaned, through the eyes and hearts of my children.

I love how you get into their world to make those illustrations of God real for them. That makes it something they can touch and understand.

Stuff could always be worse said...

Such a nice post! Love the way baseball and grass stained knees, invaded your family...

Debbie said...

There's nothing quite like the all American sport of baseball. Great photos!

Thank you for your message the other day. I've not been able to get away much lately but I so want to see you and ...hopefully soon.

I may need to call you.

Love you,

Natasha said...

I LOVE IT! And love that I can so relate after having spent time with you and your precious family :) and that I was there for the creation of the "love gems" Warms my heart to see this pic and hear the story