Monday, November 23, 2009


A friend of mine has a uniquely designed tapestry hugging her floors. Created just for her family, the intricate pattern weaves their initials. Embracing their home, wrapping the floor with the warmth of love, a reminder of the intricate pattern of our lives.

My life, me, Sarah Dawn, on the loom. Rejoicing that my Jesus' skillful hands weave the threads and colors in my life. Well, He desires to weave them. He longs to weave them. But is He? At times, I have taken over ... adding colors and patterns I thought made a "pretty" design.

As I journey on this path to deeper intimacy with Him, the master weaver is having to undo some of my "pretty" work. Ripping, cutting, that His design can be completed. Learning to trust and rest on the loom. In one word, surrender.

Surrender to His pattern for my life. Surrender to His skillful hands. Surrender when I can only see bits and pieces of string. Surrender when I don't know the finished design. Surrender, that His initials will be woven throughout.
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For a time, as I journey on this road, this pool will be a quiet reflective place. Come. Soak. Splash along with me as we wade into deeper waters.