Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Post for Prayer

My favorite post, today. My heart's desire, to partner with you in prayer. Would you join me today, battling on our knees in prayer?

Leave a prayer request as we storm the gates of hell together, warring side by side. Jesus has given us the ultimate victory, let's walk in that victory today as we battle for one another.

And please, dear ones, send me a note when God answers our prayers. I continue to pray for all of the requests left here over the past few weeks and I would love to rejoice with you in God's faithfulness.

Fellow prayer warriors, if you would like to mount an arsenal of prayers, go here and here to continue to war victoriously.

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Mari said...

Thanks for your prayers Sarah. I do have a prayer request, for my daughter, Heather. She graduated from college in May and hasn't been able to find a job in this bad economy in Michigan. She's also feeling like she'll never meet the right guy. She's 23 and is seeing her friends get married and is a little down about all these things. Thanks so much!

Kathleen said...

I hardly know where to begin, but the salvation of many of my loved ones features high on my list.

I'm delighted to storm with you.


Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I just need "victory," but in God's way...thanks. C.

Amber said...
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Amber said...

Hi Sarah,
My continued prayer requests are for my friend's 1 month old baby who seems to have taken a turn for the worst ( and that I may find a way to stay home with my new son.

Anonymous :) said...

My biggest prayer today is that God would touch my wonderful husband. He finds out the results of lots of test next Thursday. Please touch his body, Lord, and heal him head to toe.

Sharon Sloan said...

I have a "Mommy's Heart" prayer request. That God would show His favor on and His strength in our Joshua today.

That my family abides in Him daily, honors Him with their hearts and lives, and finishes this race well. For His glory.

For family members who need to receive His gift of salvation and forgiveness. Miracles of salvation for the unsaved.

Filling bowls of prayers with you,

"Each of them were holding a golden bowl full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints." Rev. 5:8

He & Me + 3 said...

Will be praying today...
I love Blogging for this very reason, people around the world that you haven't met are praying for each others needs.
Just Beautiful.

KAT . . . said...

Just checking in to say I am praying!
Holy Hugs, Kathie

Yolanda said...

Prayers of Salvation for my Dad and two adult male siblings.


Nikki (Sarah) said...

just want to say I'm praying too for everyone here who asked for prayer. And Sarah Dawn, I think it's so neat you have started this for us to to join together and pray. It's powerful. Thank you for this. Sarah

Mich said...

Thanks for doing this...I love your Sunday posts! What an awesome thought of being able to reach out and pray for each other.

My requests have to remain unspoken for now...

I will be praying for everyone!

Daveda said...

it is wonderful to have others that journey alongside of us. Many Blessings, Sarah Dawn!

Andrea said...

For my own health!

I am thankful we can storm the heavens together!

Blessings, andrea

Unknown said...

What a wonderful gift you are to so many. Thank you Sarah for this chance to unite all in prayer. I pray that God will touch these many prayers and continue to hold us up.

Debbie Petras said...

Sweet Sarah Dawn, my heart is so heavy lately. And then I got an email from you! I will be answering you later today friend. :)

Please pray for salvation for my loved ones and for this depression to lift from my soul and that I wouuld be energized through His Spirit. My body is tired but I know where to turn; not self but my Lord.

Love you,

Debbie Petras said...
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Anonymous said...

Sarah, I ask that you pray for me. The past few days were hard. The enemy was on me seriously. I'm feeling much better and I wish to remain this way.

A prayer of uplifting would be deeply appreciated. :)

RCUBEs said...

I always feel "refreshed" every time I come here. I want to thank you for your prayers [for my son]. Though I know that the Lord is always there for us, it truly means a big difference when all of us, His children are praying altogether. I picture us singing different parts in a prayer song and without the other, it just won't be a beautiful choir!
That is our offering....our prayers together to the One Who is always ready to listen and always is near...Blessings to you sister Sarah and you're such a great inspiration of what being a "warrior" means for the Lord! Love you in Christ.

Tana said...

Sarah, I am praying for each of these as well as you and your family! What a blessing you are and to honor CHrist with your boldness is a magnificent witness!!!
My request is for the Lord to use me for His glory through His son Jesus in the way He deems best.

Heart2Heart said...


May God answer each and every one of these prayers from this beautiful people that are asking for prayer. May we all unite in one voice and lift these needs up and may He pour forth His blessings on all of us.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Karen said...

Praying with and for you, Sarah Dawn!

Grace said...

Hi Sarah, thanks for the privilege of sharing my prayer request here in your blog. My prayer request is that may the traveling mercy of our God be with us and will keep us safe as we drive all the way from Michigan to Florida to live there for good.

Amanda said...

Your blog is furthering His Kingdom.

Its so powerful I have to say it again.

Your blog is furthering His Kingdom.

I think that is the most wonderful testimony to Him!!!

Just beautiful!


Denise said...

Bless you mighty prayer warrior, joining you in praying. I love you.

Missy said...

Please storm the gates for my 15 year old son and our family. A situation has gotten blown out of proportion and it has the potential to ruin his life. That being said, I know that it is not ruining because God is in control but it is major and all prayer is deeply appreciated. Just when I think we're almost at the end another shoe drops. Pray for strength and God's will, please and thank you.

Dave said...

Bless you Sarah, I'm glad to have met you over the net! Please pray that I receive the perfect job for me in Colorado and that I can make that move with my family. That is where we want to be to continue to learn and continue to do God's will and His work. God's Blessings to all!

Anonymous said...


Please pray that God would deal with my selfish spirit and my need to Control, that he would give me victory over these areas in my life.


Sandee said...

For a sweet momma, who loves Jesus, five precious children (3 adopted) who just became a single momma, because daddy does not want to be daddy anymore. :(

JottinMama said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today! I'm so glad you did!

Your blog is so pretty :) Love it!

Have a wonderful week!

Kate :)

Sunshine Mama said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. You're blog is so beautiful. I love the rain anyway, and that opening picture is priceless.

One question, who is singing that song in that Kidz mission trailer?

What a powerful song. I want that song. :)

Eagles Wings said...

I have a friend who was 16 1/2 weeks pregnant that miscarried today, if you would keep her and hubby and 4 yr old daughter in your prayers..

Anonymous said...

I am believing for God to heal me of my Hashimoto's Disease. Please believe with me. I have too much to do for His glory to be tired all the time!