Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Bit Like Noah

The rain has come.  And yes, we’ll enjoy it for about 7 more months.  Rainy season changes everything.  Umbrellas become a fashion statement, home school shifts to the afternoons, and sunny mornings bring squeals of delight. 

Crazy, but I love the rain.  I missed it.  Falling asleep to the patter on our metal roof lulls me to sleep.  It is my favorite sound of the mission field.

We celebrated the rain today.  Stood outside and smelled the freshness and just watched.  Inspired, we read about Noah.  Even built an ark, crawled inside with oodles of animals and ate yep, you guessed it, animal crackers. 

I don’t know if I could have stayed for 150 days, but I enjoyed my time with my boys.  They’re planning to sleep inside their ark tonight.  I might just join them. 

Thanks Noah, for showing us the joy of faithfulness and perseverance.  This missionary mommy needed a reminder and a rainbow.


Natasha said...

i was thinking the same thing about the sound of rain last night, and how I miss the noise the rain makes on the corrugated roofs...

Sharon Sloan said...

Enjoy His precious rain!
Love the picture and the colorful flowers!
The work of His hands!

Unknown said...

Sarah Dawn,

That is such a fun photo of the boys! Praising God for Noah's faithfulness too - it speaks such truths about our need to simply trust Him and take Him at His word no matter what the world around us says!

We have been experiencing one of the most rainy Springs in a long time. I think it has rained almost every day for three weeks. I don't think I could do it for 150 days either. I do love the sound it makes and the colors that pop as the sun helps soak in all it goodness - and brings forth LIFE!

Blessings to your precious family!

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

That is such a fun photograph...smiling, happy boys, rain, GREEN foliage!!

Amy said...

Hi Sarah Dawn!! Thanks so much for stopping by!
Aren't those little pieces of art so priceless?
What a precious gift you have in your children! I love that you have the meaning of each of their names.... so powerful!

I adore rain also! But probably because we DON'T get it very often! :) Costa Rica is so really is! One of my closest friends is from there!

Hugs and many many blessings! Amy

From the Heart said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit and could feel and see the presence of God. That's my purpose, to let His light shine, not mine. I'm just an instrument in His hands. He has done so much for me and I could never repay, but I do whatever He lays on my heart, mostly poems, emails, etc. I'm not a writer. Please come anytime.
From my heart to yours,

Ohilda said...

I really love rain, too!! I'm loving your blog. You truly inspire me. Now, I can't wait for rain here so I can take my own little munchkins outside and have them learn about Noah and God's promise to His people.



Unknown said...

Those flowers are just AMAZINGLY beautiful! the rain...awesome!

Amy said...

How utterly appropriate that you who likes to splash around and get drenched in God's goodness should enjoy the rain so! He has sent you to do His work in just the place! No coincidences. :) He is so good!


Jen said...

What a beautiful post and gorgeous photos of your children! How wonderful to find a sister who also enjoys the rain. Thanks for sharing the beauty God has showed you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah Dawn,

Is this your's a beautiful place!