Thursday, April 30, 2009

On His Path

"The very steps we take come from God; otherwise how would we know where we're going?" (Proverbs 20:24 The Message)

Today, I am on a path. A path set before me by my Lord. Sometimes, I get stuck in the muddy circumstances that appear along the way. I battle and struggle without letting God rain His glory down. But this week, a wall of impossibility loomed in my path. I knew God had provided a miracle, but it was on the other side of the wall!

In His perfect gentleness, the Lord led me to speak His promises of favor over the situation, shouting them at the wall. His Word brought me peace and 2 hours later the wall crumbled. I was a bit amazed, but I shouldn't have been.

Walking along, another wall appeared. I started to climb it in my own strength, slipping and falling with tears of pain and frustration. Then, my knight prayed and I heard my Abba's heartbeat. I knew it was time to proclaim His promises and rest at the base of the wall. I will not struggle in my own strength, but rest in His.

He's the best at knocking down all the walls in our lives. I am looking forward to what awaits me on the other side.


Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

Wow, what an awesome post. I will no doubt need to reread that with all the craziness of our second adoption going on.

Thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog. I can't wait to read more of yours!

Big Blessings to YOU!

Ohilda said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and your very sweet comment. Your family is beautiful and I look forward to filling my heart with God's goodness over here, too!


Anonymous said...

wow, that is amazingly beautiful. Thank you for that.

Amy said...

Oh my goodness, Sarah Dawn, I am so grateful you visited my blog and introduced yourself! Thank you, again, for your generous words.

I'm thrilled to have met yet another precious sister through this miracle of adoption...and oh man, now I have ANOTHER blog I'll want to visit each day!

Your family photos are beautiful and your mission is an inspiration.

With Love and Prayers,

p.s. The calzones WERE yummy! :)

Kelly K. said...

Hi Sarah...praying for you and your family in Costa Rica and specifically for God to continue giving you His peace as you seek Him with all of your heart. May God bless you with your Ethiopian daughters:) What agency are you using? My daugher who is 12 loved seeing the pics of you and your family around the, she has a HUGE heart for kids and your boys are adorable!

Sarah said...

To let everyone know, we are adopting through AAI. And truly blessed that they have the expertise to handle our type of 'unique' adoption. We hope to bring home our little ones from YWAM Ethiopia as we serve alongside of them with YWAM (Youth WIth A Mission) but just in another part of the world.

Kimmie said...

What an exciting journey you are on...and your picture, oh my! What a steep path!
*Kelly K. was in my travel group to Ethiopia...what a small world!

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Natasha said...

This is so beautiful, I can picture it all. The struggles, tenacity you need, and the victory of seeing each wall come down. You have a way with words and I enjoy reading from the outpouring of the innerworkings of your heart

Lindsey @ A New Life said...

What a wonderful reminder! I too am guilty of climbing a lot of walls on my own, and thinking I am trusting God to push me up it, when all I really need to do is trust Him to break it down before I do anything other then ask Him in prayer and supplication!