Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tattered capes

Dear Single Brave Mom,

I love you.  I looked up to you as you raised your children alone.  In heart wrenching honesty,  I never wanted to be you.  

I prayed for you.  I admired your strength and courage.  In my worst nightmares, I never dreamed of walking in your footsteps.

You were my hero, but I didn't want to wear your tattered cape.

I scribble tonight.  Pen on paper.  My heart spilling all over the place.  Trying to catch every drop with syllables.  

Brave moms, we talked together and prayed.  We barbecued in my backyard and our children played.  You held me as my heart ached and the tears refused to stop.  You took my hand as I began the same journey.  You were there.  Holding me up.  

We talk about heroes and legends in our society.  But you never stand in the spotlight.  Silently, day by day, you raise your children in a less than ideal world.  You pull the all nighters, every night.  You wipe little tears and hide your own.

Thank you.  Thank you for loving me when I had no idea what you walked through on a daily basis.  Thank you for forgiving my ignorance.  Thank you for opening your hearts and homes when I needed tears.  Thank you for being you in the midst of the ridiculous expectations hurled at you. every.  single.  day.  

Your strength encourages me.  I can.  
Your grit nudges me forward.  I can do this.  
Your hope infuses me.  I can do this with joy.

To all single brave moms, including my own that raised me seated in a wheelchair.  thank you.  Because of you, I can walk this road bravely with my head held high.  Tattered cape and all.


elizabeth said...

A long time follower...so sorry to hear of what you are going through. My dad left mom and us when I was nine. Mom was no super hero but she was faithful and steadfast, keeping us in church and herself committed to keeping our home life as normal as possible with her working full time. When she wasn't working she was home with us, sacrificing her own social life for us. The three of us kids still at home when dad left, raised to adulthood by Mama, are all in full time ministry. My older sister and her husband are pastors, my husband and I are pastors, my youngest brother earned his Ph.D. andhas been a long time missionary in east Africa and now in the Middle East. My point? You can do this. You can raise world changers.

Sarah said...

Thank you Elizabeth for your sweet words of encouragement. God is faithful through all generations. His love never fails. Your testimony splatters my day with joy. I am raising three amazing world changers who will impact the Kingdom for eternity.

Hugs for your day,

Unknown said...


You inspire me in so many ways. I too was a Brave mom for two years prior to my son's father finding his purpose in God. I can relate and reminisce on the challenges and victories of knowing how great God is in me when I dealt with a situation that I did not intend to walk thru. I agree with you in every area of your life. I believe that as you splatter joy and get drenched with God's goodness, you will see the trail left behind that will inspire hope for others. The best is yet to come and I am grateful for you.

Simply put, you make me better because of the time you take to become an observer of your life and the choice you make to agree with God and the goodness he has for you..

Thank you for sharing and living out loud,



Anonymous said...

My heart breaks wide open for you. I hope you don't mind if I pray for you.

You are a strong, brave, beautiful woman. That picture is just absolutely gorgeous. What a fantastic little family you have!

Thank you for mentioning your mom. I wrangle my 4 children while my butt is firmly placed in a wheelchair due to strokes I suffered at 35. That gives me courage on the days when I feel like being a handicapped mom to 4 kids is a trial. It is good to know others have blazed the trail before me.... I know your post was meant for you to heal, but know it "splashed" some hope my way today.

Meplus3 said...

I'm sorry you are going through such a hard time, but I can see how strong you still are and that God is using you to pen the words to help others hurting. I hope you know how much I too still love your mom how she still inspires me now that I am one. A spouse or significant other never defined who she was, nor did the fact she couldn't use her legs. From driving us to camping trips, being our Girl Scout leader, and willing to honestly talk to us about what "making out" meant in her kitchen, she never let her challenges hold her back, and I know you have that same strength. Best wishes and blessings for you and your kiddos old friend.