Wednesday, June 5, 2013

On Daddy's Toes

I see His feet.
I hear the sweet music captivating me.
I long to dance with my King.

In dismay, I hang my head.
I'm afraid I don't know how.
The steps, the rhythm, letting Him lead, only blurs of hope.

In majestic gentleness, He lifts my chin.
My eyes focus on his face, His love,
His words change my life.

'Stand on my feet, my daughter, and we will dance.
I will teach you the steps as you learn to trust me.'

Holding me close, I step on nail scarred feet.
The dance begins.
With each step, more freedom, lavish love, surrendered trust.

My life's dance, standing on my Daddy's feet.
Today, I am learning the rhythm and the song He sings over my life.
As I stand on His feet.

It doesn't matter where we are, the steps we may have forgotten or never knew.
The dance can begin today. 

He is waiting to dance with all of us. Step by step, 

He is teaching me, again. To trust. To let Him lead. To hear the heartbeat of heaven and dance along.
This is a splash from the past,  one I needed to read again today.  To be reminded of the song my Abba sings over my life as we dance together, step by step.  His little girl standing on Daddy's toes.


Linda said...

This is beautiful Sarah. It encourages me, because I find I have to learn to trust over and over again. I want to trust Him with absolute abandonment, but my "self" often gets in the way. This is a gentle, wise reminder. Thank you.

Rachael @ Inking the Heart said...

Beautiful words here! Thank for sharing. Love, Rachael

Anonymous said...

I FOUND you! (Did you know you were lost:P)

After a few blog changes, and extended blogging break, I discovered a melody on Mom's the Word-(Momma Notes) and when I came here after clicking the button, I was so surprised to see YOU!

You had a different blog design when I followed you at my old blog once upon a time, but it is definitely you!

So glad to have re-discovered this treasure!

Denise said...


a joyful noise said...

This is so lovely as we follow His leading

Christine said...

What an lovely blog design! You left such a sweet note on my blog today I just had to click over here. You are a beautiful writer with such contagious enthusiasm. Bless you today as you live out the gospel in your home.

Judith C Evans said...

Lovely poem and lovely blog! Count me as a follower...I look forward to reading more.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I am so glad you came by today to "Being Woven" for I am now blessed to come here! This reminds me of a study I did twice, the first time with the original "A Heart that Dances" by Catherine Martin, and then her updated version, "A Woman's Heart that Dances" devotional journey. I, too, danced on my Abba's feet as I danced on my earthly Daddy's feet to learn to follow. So this post reminds me of that special time, the reminder of Who my Abba is and how I must learn to trust and re-trust. I don't seem to remember as I should. But He loves me, forgives me, and walks with me no matter.
Caring through Christ, ~ linda

Kim said...

Thanks so much for stopping by "my space." I've enjoyed getting my toes wet on your site, but hope to come back and look at more.

Mary Reed said...

Sarah, this was so beautiful. When I think of dancing with our Abba Father, my mind drifts to dancing with my earthly dad. When he was alive, he loved to dance with each of his four daughters... As precious as those memories are, they won't compare to being in the presence of our Heavenly Dad. :)
Blessings to you ~ Mary

Carol said...

When we learn to trust life is an amazing adventure . . . or dance. And we are presented with new situations, new reasons to seek the Lord, trusting in his help, throughout life. What a beautiful poem!

I am delighted to meet you! Thanks for your comment on my blog.

Jenifer Metzger said...

Sarah, thank you for stopping by my blog, Sweet Blessings! So nice to 'meet' you. :)

What a beautifully written article. I love the thought of dancing with my Father, standing on His nail scared feet as He teaches me. Oh so beautiful!

Sweet Blessings~

BARBIE said...

I echo Leah Rose! I found you! I use to follow your blog a long time ago and well, someone I lost you. You left a comment on my post about "peace" at the 24/7 encourage blog. Nice to hook up again!

Unknown said...

Just so incredibly beautiful! I had a tear in my heart! Standing on Pappa's feet! Beauriful!!!!
Much love XX

Unknown said...

Beautiful, beautiful LOVE THIS!