Monday, May 6, 2013

Sometimes, Momma Misses

Sometimes, a momma misses it.  Today, think shooting for a target on a hay bail.  Aim, and the arrows flies hundreds of yards over the hay bale.  Missed it.  Missed it by more than far.

What do you do when you miss it?  Really.  Straight up real.  You cry.  You ask forgiveness.  You rejoice in grace.  You pick up another arrow and aim.

As mom, you have to.  To keep at it.  To keep persevering in this adventure of being called mom.

After my kids lavished me in grace, I picked up the arrow of mommaness once again.  Studying it, the tip had gone blunt.  The feathers worn by weariness and perfection seeking.  Realizing it was time, to learn more, to go after it, this life of mom.

All art forms require practice, study, time to learn the technique.  Archery, much the same.  No one expects to hit a bulls eye every time without learning a few things.  My life as mom, much the same.

Learning time, sharpening my arrows, aiming for the target ... of being the best Mom.  My kids deserve the best.

So if you see a few arrows whiz by, just smile.   Sometimes momma misses.


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Denise said...

So true my friend.

The Klippensteins said...

Perseverance pays off!
You are doing a great job!

Zara@online doctorate said...

I agree with you, what all moms want is to become the best for their children. I’m not a mom yet, but I do feel for them as well. I believed that perseverance really pays off. You are doing the right thing. I am just saddened for those who are being ignored by their children.

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Feisty Mama said...

Love this and am honored that you invited me to link up to your mommy notes. Thank you, you have no idea how much your comment was needed today amazing people are brought into my life right when I need it most.