Monday, May 13, 2013

Splash Happy Momma

Please, before I even begin ... l've got a bit of explaining to do.   By no means am I an expert at being momma.  Yeah, for 11 years the term has been used to describe me.  In all reality, the kids had no choice.  Mommy, mom, kee-mama-saa-bee, names I took on simply because I had kids.

So when I share, it's not in the expert category at all.  Honestly, its more of "Oh my goodness, how did I not know this before" revelation that I sprawl in my notebook and type up.

In terms of swimming, not in the olympic category.  More in the, wading pool.  A momma getting so excited with a new nugget of goodness, she starts splashing around.  A splash happy momma.

This week, going to splash you with this.   Try and say yes.

Wabamm ... tidal wave momma splash right at you.  Well, maybe not for you.  (remember, I'm in the wading pool as a splash happy momma).   Try and say yes.

Little tidbit changing the grumpy into happy around here.

When asked for something, to do, to try, to taste, to create, to jump off of ... Try and say yes momma lady.   Because sometimes, I get plum stuck in the muck of no.

Always saying no.  No, because it will cost me time.  No, because it could make a mess,   No, because, because, because.  Pretty sure saying no makes little memories.  Hoping the yes will make moments  to remember.

Well at least they will remember this happy momma, splashing in the wading pool.


Anonymous said...

...yep. Sometimes life is hard.

Denise said...

Play time, best memory making time of all.

Laurie Collett said...

I'm in the wading pool with you! Still have an irrational fear of putting my head under water and especially of diving! Thanks for the lovely post & God bless!

Lorraine said...
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Lorraine said...

Hey Sarah,

Thanks for "wading" over to my blog today :)

See, in your type of terms ;) ... my wading pool was feeling kind of empty of late - apparent by my lack of blogging since September. Just recently, I had remembered that The Water was there, but I had just not been pouring it into my pool!

See, I just started thinking through a new post. God used your comment to refresh and encourage me! So thank you - I'm delighted that you found the words God placed on my heart refreshing and I'm delighted that led me to the words that God placed on your heart.

While I may not be a wife or mama, some things just apply to everyone :) I agree that saying "yes" often creates memories. Sometimes, for me, saying "no" -to busy-ness- also creates memories :)

God bless!

Melanie said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a hot day. Go for it!

Anna said...

I agree, it's good to say yes sometimes. :)

cindy said...

Hello Sarah thank you for visiting my blog I invite you to come be encouraged anytime!! I love your little space a place to splash love it !! God Bless