Monday, August 26, 2013

Tune Thirsty

Tucking my precious warriors into bed, a sweet spirit of worship danced into the room. Sometimes, I lose myself in the stillness of their breathing as slumber kisses their night.

I sing. I worship. I war.

This night, a new song sprang from my heart, a tune of joy.

I will sing for your joy has come.
I will sing for your joy has come.
You have captured my heart.
You have ransomed my life and I must sing.

As always, the days blur together as life blinks by. Sometime later, the tune forgotten, the Lord gave me a gift, wrapped in the song of my son.

He began to hum a tune and add words, a song planted in his heart. It sounded familiar. I searched for where I had heard it before.

He was singing...

I will sing for your joy has come.
I will sing for your joy has come.
You have captured my heart.
You have ransomed my life and I must sing.

... a song planted in his heart by a mommy warrior.

My boys now 9 and 11 still ask for momma to sing each night.  My voice may crack.  The tune may falter.  But the seeds planted will bear fruit.  It's the little things, momma.  The moments when no one is necessarily watching.  The notes we string together, singing of His love.   This generation desperately thirsts to hear His tune.

And as always, I would be crazy honored to have you link up with momma notes.  I jot some on Mondays, but you can link up any day of the week (I get the momma, filled to to the brim, schedules)   Just mom.  Sharing our notes.  Creating a melody.


Tamara Camera said...

Just beautiful. You put the songs in their hearts.

Denise said...

Very lovely.

The Queen of Brussels Sprouts said...

Oh yeah. I sing though the strokes have stolen my singing voice and I sound like a says to make a joyful doesn't say it has to sound good.

Tina said...

Thanks for sharing this. I'm encouraged to sing over my kids even more from your story!

I messed up when I linked up #10. Too tired! I put my homepage instead of the actual post and I put the post address as my email! Here's the real link if you want to fix it!

Have a magnificent week!

bluecottonmemory said...

About 2 years ago the two youngest stopped asking me to sing them to sleep - after 25 years of nightly demand performances. No more bed-time chronicles either - I sure miss those sweet moments where God shows up in ways He does with children and mamas at bedtime!

jviola79 said...

Beautiful post. It is amazing how the tunes we hum & sing & share with our little ones, grandchildren included, will stick with them. Thank you for sharing & for hosting the link up.
Have a great Tues.!

Alicia said...

We don't sing through bedtime- but we talk and pray and tell stories. I love the way that end of the day space can become sacred even when I'm totally exhausted and "done" . God's grace is big enough!