Monday, March 25, 2013

Stop, Drop, Enjoy

That's me ... a momma drenched from dancing in the water with her boys.  Dripping wet clothes, juice boxes & giggly smiles.  Notice the date ... far too long ago.

My oldest prince asked me this week to go down the slide at the playground.  Instantly I told him I didn't think I would fit anymore.   I used to be the one encouraging them to go down the slides with me.

In the midst of the busy, the good, the homeschool days, the foster nights, something has slipped away.  Sitting tonight I simply asked, to look deep at what I was missing.

Stop and notice what has changed.  The frustration rising in my voice far too easily.

Drop my agendas.  My to do lists.  The never ending cycle of a performance driven day.

Enjoy.  Enjoy my kids.  Seriously, to take as much time as we do planning the academics and the therapies and the appointments and the meals ... to enjoy my kids.

Water balloon baseball games.   Zoo trips.  Playing in the sprinklers.  Snuggling up and reading a book together.  Sleeping in a tent in our backyard.  Creating art projects of every shape and size.  Enjoying my kids.

I honestly have no idea what it will look like this week.  How God will lead.  But the gentle tugging at my mommy heart says its time to enjoy.


Denise said...

Yes, enjoy. Bless you dear.

Pia said...

Happy Easter!


The Klippensteins said...

Yeah to enjoying the family we were blessed with. Good job Sarah!