Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Marked Life

Our vehicle, marked ... spray painted in bright pink for the world to see.  And I'm happy, delighted  really.  Yes my mind is still in tact.  And yes, every time I step into drive, the bright pinkly labeled tires bring a smile to my face.

Shouldn't we live like this, marked for the world to see.  An enormous can of spray paint, hold the button down long enough for me to turn and twist and cover myself.  Marked.

Marked by radical obedience.  Marked by lavish love.  Marked by exuberant joy.  Marked by crazy grace.  Marked, like the hands of a Son turned carpenter, nail pierced hands.  His disciples recognized His marks.  The world will someday as well.

Will they recognize mine today?

Our van, marked because we were living love out loud.  Being there for a friend, sitting in a hospital emergency room, hospitality in our home, no time to pick up the van before the spray paint hit it.  They only marked it to make sure we moved it before 24 hours.  We did.  No ticket.  Just a beautiful pink reminder to live my life marked.

My husband asked if I wanted him to spray paint over it in black.  Absolutely not.  I hope my tires stay marked forever.  My life as well.


Lindsey said...

good reminder! I really loved this!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

reminds me of the time my granddaughter wrote her name in permanent marker on the bottom of her dining room chair after her mom had told her that her brother could sit there because 'your name isn't written on the chair'....

Allison Renee said...

I agree! Brennan's name means "marked or branded" and we chose it by the meaning. We tell him that he is marked by God.

BARBIE said...

Yes! I want to be marked with Christ so that others might now Him!

Debbie said...

You have such an amazing way at looking at life. I love it! What a wonderful reminder for me to live life marked for Him.

Blessings and love,