Monday, April 9, 2012

Delighted to Meet You!

Simply Sarah

Readers come. They splash. To be open, real, vulnerable. Life laid bare for people to wade through unseen in this land of blog. This place, my story, only a puddle. But if someone accidentally steps in, joy splashing on their boots, and walks away carrying the footprints ... then this place has served a purpose of glory, step by step ...

When I started to type instead of simply pen, a momma on the mission field, I never quite envisioned what might happen. I've been joyfully splashing ever since. New friends, it is a joy to meet you. But who am I? Who is the woman sitting in front of this computer screen, sharing her life, lessons learned?

Me in a nutshell ... think yummy cashew.

Spontaneous princess, learning to be all that God made me to be and all that my prince hubby deserves. A pillar (wobbly at times) to uplift and encourage as he pours into the nations. A model of God's love in my family armed with hugs, tickle wrestling and nose nuzzles.

Crazy and passionate warrior princess. Jeans and t-shirt gal that speaks God's Word and radically believes everything that it says. Think polka dot storm trooper armed with a serious weapon.

Arrow sharpener for the nations. Completely sold out on reaching an entire generation for Jesus. If you sit with me, you'll catch my fire passion to equip children today to reach the nations. Lived it, Seen it, Believe it, Teaching it.

Encourage wildly. Hug, Praise loud. Forgive even louder. Dance crazy. Choose joy. Blow bubble snakes. Snuggle. Ooze grace. Smell like cantaloupe. Simply Sarah.

And now my friends, would you take a moment, in the rush, in the mayhem of busy schedules and time ticking away, to introduce yourself to me. In the busy of life, I have come to realize, relationships dwindle and wither. To stop the blur of life whizzed by, to cultivate relationship, even here in this puddle of grace.

A name, a note, a tidbit of your life tucked into the comments. And across this unseen land of blog I can offer a hug (because in real flesh life, that is exactly what I would do)


Miss Janet said...

Hello Sarah!

I am Janet from Homeward Bound and I read your blog. Your writing is beautiful.

I, too, am a mighty warrior of God raising boys to be real men. I homeschool them at home and ministry. They are going to make AWESOME husbands and fathers.

Blessings to you today and everyday!


Sarah said...

me too, me too Janet! I homeschool our precious boys, wildest adventure I have yet to be on (and we've been to some pretty wild places). Delighted to meet you today. Thanks for taking the time to splash around in this pool with me.

Happy day,

Jamie said...

Hi Sarah!

Let's see... I'm Jamie. Perhaps we've met? (hee, hee) I'm just a girl who loves Jesus with all her heart. I desire to glorify Him with every breath that comes from my being. It is my sincere delight to love my husband and children and to show them Jesus every day.

I'm a former miserable, sinful wretch who now lives in a constant state of grace. My heart is to love others well and to be transparent and vulnerable with them to show the hand of Jesus in my life.

Yes, sometimes I can lose sight of the eternal importance of my mission field, but He is always quick to remind me. He's my favorite!

Sarah said...

so you ... and such a joy to know you in real life too. But wait, you have to come back and read, because the first post was an oops. It accidentally posted with the old me, kind of drab. (something I wrote years ago) I think the new one will make you smile and you might plum recognize me more.

Hugs to you.

PS Don't forget your sense of spunk and adventure!

Heather said...

Hi! I am Heather. I am a piano/vocal/saxophone/clarinet teacher. I love what i do! It is so awesome! We are face book friends too!


Sarah said...

Hugs to you Heather! It is such a joy to know you. I love your passion for music as someday, I too would like to jump into this arena and learn to play the guitar.

Happy day,

Anonymous said...

Good Sunday morning! My name is Rhonda, from the Joy of Denim and Lace, owner of Dancing In The Rain Photography rr, the mother of two boys, my oldest who resides in heaven now, and my youngest who resides about 10 minutes from me. I have two grandchildren, Brittany 21 and Hunter soon to be 12. I am the happy owner of one spoiled mini schnauzer, Abigail Joy Flower aka Abby Girl, I am a spirit filled Christian believer, that has a passion for studying and has been anointed to teach His Word. I am an aging lady, will be one year older in August, I love family....I have a complete total conviction of healty lifestyle = eating and exercising= vegan and Elliptical and walking the park..I belive Sunday's are for the Lord and I attend service and then "DO NOTHING ELSE" the day ..but rest ...enjoy the moments the Lord gives to me that day! I am a three year old blogger March was my third year anniversary...have met many many awesome ladies and gents...some have remained faithful some was "seasonal"...wink wink....but I always appreciate the visit if but the one visit .... a visit to my blog...looking forward to getting to know you and your life's pleasures! Happy Sonday

Debbie Petras said...

Simply Sarah, you are precious! I am so glad I had the privilege of meeting you in person. What a delight that was and I hope to get together again in the future.

I am Debbie. I love Jesus. I was a prodigal for a while but about 17 years ago I came back to Him and have been passionate about Him ever since. My life has gone from one extreme to the other. There have been many trials and challenges. Don't be fooled by outward appearances. God looks at our heart and He loves to grow us in our faith. Mine is growing ...

I've had disappointments in life as I hoped it would be. But God ...

He knew my love for children and yet I couldn't have my own. He brought me to a school with children from different backgrounds and cultures and I get to teach and love them. Who would have guessed?

So Sarah, my friend I hope to find time this summer to visit with you and the boys again. Maybe a picnic or a visit to the zoo would be fun? Or simply spending an afternoon getting to know you better and pray with you.