Monday, February 27, 2012

To Capture a Rose

My first feeble attempts ... opening of a rose, opening of oneself

I learned of the gift before the day ever arrived. Panic crept in my heart. Fear has a way of choking love right out of a moment. I asked, begged, pleaded, for him to return to the store. Return his lavish gift of love. Deep down, I felt unworthy.

A rose on the bud, refusing to blossom.

Tears came. He held me and held strong amidst the torrent of my emotions. Straight into my eyes, I saw his desire to give his best and feed my dreams.

A rose in need of rain, to wash away the mundane, the dirt clinging to the beauty within.

I turned away. Took my case to a higher authority, my Abba. He knows the foolishness of such a wasted expense. He would understand, turn my loves heart back down the right path of wisdom and frugality. He would change the decision. He decided instead to change me.

A rose who preferred the thorns to the beauty all around.

The sweet gentle whisper of His Word. The same words I bathe in daily, soaking in deep.
"A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies." - Proverbs 31:1

A rose whose soil had been sown with the nutrients, soaking in deep and impacting the bloom.

I closed my mouth. Surrendered the fight. When the day arrived, I opened the package. I had not known the contents, only the monetary value. The tears came, accepting the love and joy that came with the gift. A gift to a wife of value. A gift to spur her need to create and capture the every day.

A rose captured with my gift.


Glenda said...

May your gift capture many happy everyday moments! Beautiful rose!

The Queen of Brussels Sprouts said...

Enjoy capturing! I have finally learned to just let the gift giver have the blessing of me receiving the gift with joy...'cuz mine does the same thing sometimes too!

Sarah said...

It has been a joy to snap away and capture the joy in the every day. And each time, I rejoice in the gift my love gave to me and the gift my God gave to me.

Happy day,

Debbie said...

Oh Sarah, receiving a gift can often be hard. But it gives such pleasure to the giver too.

I am once again moving, my friend. However, I will be a little bit closer. Life has been busy with full time work and now moving again. But I've not forgotten you. I will keep you posted.

Blessings and love,