Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Puppy Momma Love

Puppies chew. Puppies howl at night. Puppies take extra time. Puppies grow to 55 pounds.
Take a wild guess, which one is the pup? The one on the right, the beautiful big and slobbery ball of love that has forever changed our lives and left giant puppy prints on my heart.

In my wild abandon to leave loveprints all around, I faced challenges. My selfishness screamed loud when I realized the boys and man in my life truly wanted a big dog. I'm a snuggly momma type, not a big dog gal. To put them first, I jumped into puppy world and we were blessed with our Judah boo.

A daily act of love to my family. The extra work for momma. Feeding, bathing, training, learning to love all rolled into one soft black pup. The battle raged inside. Did I make the right decision? Ugh, he chewed, this is so hard. Potty training, really. Why do I feel like I'm the only one taking care of their dog? Is it really love if its always easy?

He was a bit skittish, not as friendly as I imagined. We resolved, "the more we love him, the better dog he will be ..." With each hug and belly scratch, he melted. In the process, I chose to love and he changed me. Love really never fails.

This walk of love, a beautiful journey. I wish I could triumphantly say that I master eat with each day on the calendar. Some days, I shrug, breathe grace deep, wrap in His love and walk on. Others I skip as I realize in heart that His love is already shed abroad in my heart ... and I smile as I open the latch wide.

Each step brings another adventure, today covered in puppy kisses.


Tracy said...

Hi Sara - what a beautiful description of love overcoming :)
God bless

Photographing Mom aka tammyshere said...

Super analogy! And those puppies grow so fast!!

Divine Mrs D said...

That is so sweet!! I have a little black cat and I feel the same way about her.

Also, if you're interested, I have a small poll going on at my blog right now!

Jill Samter Photography said...

so sweet! we love our sweet Prince Caspian so much. so glad the puppy stage is over! whew that almost always does me in. since like you i'm not a dog girl.

praise GOD His love NEVER fails and washes over us daily!

Heather and Kathy said...

what a beautiful picture! Hard to believe that big dog is still just a puppy, but he sure is beautiful.

Good luck with the puppy stage!


Mrs Georgina said...


Your puppy is such a handsome fellow. Bless his heart and yours. It should get easier (raising your puppy!)

SocialStudiesSoubrette said...

Oh this is a hard one for me. Before we had Little Bit Hubs and I were together for nearly ten years. In that time we accumulated 4 large dogs. They were my fur babies. They had free reign of my house. I adored them. Then Little Bit hit the scene. They were immediately pinned into another part of the house. Things that used to not bother me suddenly infuriated me. Like the TONS of fur on the floor. Not a big deal to two people who walk around. A huge sort of deal to an itty bitty baby who rolls or crawls everywhere. Little Bit is now up and walking but I am still very grumpy with all the mess. I really don't love them anymore. I have prayed furiously about this and even took two of them to the pound about a month ago but was turned away because they were full. Now I think my heart has softened a little but I honestly just don't love them like I used to. Whew, sorry for the lengthy comment but you spoke straight to me there! Have a blessed day :D

Leslie said...

I love this, Sarah! I'm laughing because we just got a hamster! Not quite the same as a big dog, but a big step for me none the less and something I know my boys needed. And guess what? That little hamster is just melting my heart. I love him to pieces and play with him more than the kids do!! hahaha!

Sharon Sloan said...

Oh, Sarah, I can relate! It was a complete surrender to the Lord when my husband asked me to pray (a year and a half ago) about getting the kids the dog they had been praying for for years! I knew it was a matter of obedience, not prayer, when my husband gently asked me. Now - I love our dog Holly more than all of them! God is faithful.

Love the picture! Enjoy the handprints and the pawprints!


Denise said...

Such a sweet post.

Jennifer @ GettingDownWithJesus.com said...

A beautiful picture of the power of love. Thanks for sharing it. xxoo

Erin said...

I love the description of love! Have fun with all that puppy love!

Jenn @ Spejory said...

What a beautiful description of love! I felt much the same way about our Indi. It wasn't easy to love her, but in time it became effortless. I can't imagine life without her.

She turned me into a "dog person."

Glenda said...

Those smiles say you've made the right choice!! Thanks for reminding me that "love really never fails."

Anonymous said...

Must be labradoodles! They are adorable and will certainly become more and more enjoyable over time. We are poodle lovers and adopted an abused one nearly 2 years ago. She has come so far, but I can totally relate to the feelings of uncertainty.

Wonderful post! So transparent.

Anonymous said...

cute pup. I have to laugh. My son has a guinea pig named Hezikiah and I call him boo boy. One of my daughters (adult I should say) hates the use of bible names on animals. lol I cant wait to share your dogs name. My first time on your blog.

Anonymous said...

I forgot, your not a dog girl and in reading comments on your blog were Jill Sampter says neither is she, Well I am a big fan of her beautiful photo blog and her other blog, she blesses with her beautiful photos and family, well if you check out a very recent post I believe that dog has changed her heart on being a dog girl and your dog will change yours also. ;)

ScrappyScribe said...

I stand corrected... Poodles... still ADORABLE and I do think purity is always best :) Thanks for stopping by. May this busy time of year be filled with bounty and blessing.