Thursday, August 11, 2011

When Brothers Teach Momma

His hand clutches the pencil, eraser picked and chewed. Concentration etched on his dimpled face as his tongue tip slips into the hard working pose. Handwriting. School. Momma stops and reads the words. From his paper, straight to my heart.

"A true friend is always loyal and a brother is born to help in time of need."- Proverbs 17:17

Only 6, tomorrow 7. In such short years, he loves much. In sweetness he forgives easily. In brother quarrels he says he's sorry when he has done nothing wrong. He hugs and kisses with lavish abandon. He gives his best to others, always prefers his brother. Not something taught, he just is. At his party, he will ask his brother to sit with him and open their gifts together. He always has. When asked where he would like to go, anywhere in the world, India he answers. To take bandaids to the children who live on the street and Bibles.

Brothers live. Momma learns. In my years, a longing to be known for loving much. In sweetness to forgive easily. Humility, doing everything to live at peace with everyone. Hugs and kisses, always, showering love on those dearest and near. Giving my best to others, my brothers and sisters that share my Abba. Someday, India .... to walk with him side by side. And inviting others to the party at the end of time. Sitting down and opening our gifts together.

I walk step by step, teaching him and holding his hands for his first. He teaches me step by step in living and loving.

Happy happy birthday my bold one. Keep leading your generation into all of the promises of God and teaching the mommas how to do the same.


Jill Samter Photography said...

What a sweet young warrior of God you are raising! What an honor to be blessed by his life and to lead him closer to God!

Thanks for sharing him with us and wishing you both a very blessed birthday filled with many hugs, smiles, laughter and love!

Love you oodles!

Jamie~ said...

Preciousness, absolute preciousness. Thank you for giving us an insight to who your prince is and is becoming.


The Klippensteins said...

Happy birthday sweetie-pie. Enjoy all the moments Sarah. They are so amazing.

Sarah said...

What a precious boy! Happy birthday!!

Jennifer @ said...

I yearn daily to train up my children to know the Lord and to share His blessings with others. Often times, it works the other way around: I find that my girls are the teachers and I am the student.

Thank you for sharing how God is at work in your home.

James @ Celi said...

Sarah, I am so thankful for you and your absolutely beautiful family. What great ways has God chosen to use you and we are all the better for it :D Hugs for your day my wonderful new friend!


Kelly Hashway said...

That is so sweet. I hope your son had a wonderful birthday.

Pamela Bunta said...

I am delighted to meet you! I will draw strength and happiness when reading your blog. I already am. Thank you for commenting at Wake Up and Talk. It means so much to me!
God bless you and your family! God bless your work! In Christ, Pam

Bluerose said...

How sweet!!

I've got two little boys, so I'm thinking I can learn a lot from you! :)