Monday, February 28, 2011

Right Back To Me

It grows. I cannot completely understand. This path of loveprints, walking in love, touching others with simple love. His love poured into my heart to splash everywhere. It splashes back.

In amazement I realize love multiplies. His love never fails, fades, or falters. Love grows.

A surprise black box arrives in the mail. Tucked inside a hand made dainty and elegant necklace of silver and blue. A loveprint for my life. Thank you Jill. Words could never adequately express how perfect this is for me and the joy of knowing who crafted it for me in the midst of the beautiful busyness that surrounds your life right now.

A layover in the airport brings friends from another country. They shower me with love and the joy of our home in Costa Rica. Dean and Wendy, your gift reminded me of the love of service and our heart for missions around the world. Your friendship astounds me in the way you love continually.

A splash of color for my closet. Simplicity of missionary clothes now adorned with bright reds, oranges and yes even lime greens. Jodi, your spunk matches my heart's desire to live out loud. Thank you friend for leaving a loveprint on my life this week.

Tattered brown package from far away land. Opened and inspected by custom agents in two countries. Saucy love to drench my family after I shared. A friend I only met in person once, her family continuing to serve on our past mission field. She wraps and sends to bless me in the United States. Brooke, may our Abba simply pour out blessings upon blessings to you dear friend.

I could continue ... but I must pause to challenge. Simple acts of love. A note tucked into a lunchbox. An email across the mile. A handwritten card to an elderly friend filled with drawings scribbled lovingly by little artist hands. Imagine the flow of one act of love.

Jesus said it. Simple. Love God. Love others. In almost seems too simple. Why have we missed it for so long? I'm done missing it. I'm learning to live it. Live love out loud. Join me this week.

Sometime in your busy schedule. Carve out time for a loveprint, a step in love. Send a note, make a phone call, lick a stamp. Make a list of 10. And love it up.


Gentleliving7 said...

I will be even more aware of making loveprints this week. Thanks for a beautiful post. God bless you!


Jill Samter Photography said...

Yeah it arrived!!! I'm so thrilled you love it :-D You are more precious than you know and I adore you!

So glad God keeps blessing you with His love prints in such amazing ways that only He could!

joining you in LOVE and living it OUT LOUD!

xoxox Jill

The McClain's said...

So thankful it arrived! I've been wondering! ENJOY!!!! Love from across the miles....

Kissey said...

i love your loveprints calling, and seeing your steps in faith. it is so very inspirational, and i am now (just now! gah!) adopting it as my own, knowing it will be hard, but that it will be blessed. thank you for spreading God's love and message to others, even those you don't know!

The Klippensteins said...

Love you too!