Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tunnel Vision

I'm here, I'm here. Haven't run away. Sorry for the silence. Getting focussed, fighting a strategic battle, stepping into rest and letting my God take the burden, because it's time.

Standing on His promises. The only thing worth standing on. Still doing the happy dance, each and every day. His Word, speaking it, devouring it, kissing my day. It is truly possible to live the good life while in the midst of a storm. Sunshine all around. His peace.

Focussing on Him, my role as wife and mommy, preparing for a new year of homeschool, celebrating our 13th anniversary, rocking the house with his praises, a 6 year olds birthday party on the horizon, taking time to breathe. And that's this week.

I'm focussing on the best, what lies at the end of my tunnel. So many distractions can tempt my attention to wander. My Jesus. My hubby and kids. Growing in faith and love. Yep, proud to say I'm developing tunnel vision. What is at the end of your tunnel?


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Sounds like the perfect way to wind down the summer!

Hugs and love!

Karen said...

Well, then let me say...

Happy School Year!
Happy Anniversary!
Happy Praises!
Happy Birthday!

and just ....Happy Life!

Denise said...

Enjoy your life my sweet friend, love you.

Treasures Evermore said...

Still in the tunnel...waiting to see the light at the end of it. Not happening yet...waiting on Almighty God and the cloud to start movin'...then we will see the light:-)

Trying to love the clouds,


Alison said...

Good to "hear" from you! On our horizon: new job, new town, , new baby, new start!

Debbie said...

Sara, I thought of you today as I was driving. I had been thinking of Jill's last post when Scott was teaching the children about being splashed when they are in the pool. It was an analogy to being in the water with the Lord and not standing far away. I thought of your splashin' posts of joy. And I smiled.

News of a friend's death was so sad. I wrote about it on Heart Choices.


Dawn @ P.S.He loves you.. said...

What a wonderful pix to have on hand ;)

Ditto on comment posted by Karen..I your newest blog follower enjoy hearing how other women/moms/wives and believers are leaning on the keep these post coming when there is time..time another story all together ;0)


Stuff could always be worse said...

Do understand that strategic battle, seems like I went though one. God was on time!

Anonymous said...

Just popping over to say 'hi'. Much love xo