Thursday, July 8, 2010

On His Toes

The journey continues as she hears the melody linger in the air, delighting her senses, captivating her soul. She picks up pen and captures the moment in syllables of heart.

To see His feet.
hear the sweet music captivating all
longing to dance with my King.

In shame, head hangs low.
I'm afraid I don't know how.
The steps, the rhythm, letting Him lead, only blurs of hope.

In majestic gentleness, my chin lifts
I cannot focus on His face, not yet,
Avert my eyes, hear His voice
His words forever change my me.

'Stand on my feet, my daughter, and we will dance.
I will teach you the steps as you learn to trust me.'

Holding close, I step on nail scarred feet.
The dance begins.
With each step, more freedom, lavish love, surrendered trust.

The powerful melody touches deep down. She steps on toes strong enough to always hold hers. The song of her life to the tune of His heart, for she can hear His this close. The heartbeat of heaven intertwining with her notes of life. And the dance continues because the music will never cease.


Steve Finnell said...

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Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Love you sweet friend and I too have learned to GUIDANCE! So excited to watch you fly and dance in our Daddy's arms!


Denise said...

Dance sis dance, love you.

Linda said...

How I love to dance Sara, but far too often I've danced with others to a tune of my own making.
I love the image your words paint. I don't think I could quite look into His face just yet either, but I long to. I want to join in the dance.

Heart2Heart said...

What a perfect vision to have of our Savior and Lord. I too would love to dance with Him.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Missie said...

So sweet! I love the thought on standing on our Father's feet

Debbie said...

I love this Sara. Learning to dance and allowing Him to lead is such a perfect analogy to our walk with Christ. He is trustworthy even when we don't know what we're doing.

Love you,

Shonni said...

So Beautiful!!!!

Joyeful said...

This is so full of joy and beauty! Dancing on his nail scarred feet--letting Him lead! Truly beautiful!! It's a dance I want to learn.

Barbie said...

Absolutely beautiful. He is calling to us, exactly where we are, and asking us to dance with Him. And when we allow Him to lead us and guide us in this dance of life, everything is always good!

Tightwad In Training said...

I love that the music will never true...

Karen said...

Your words make my heart full...and I LOVE the closing sentence....

Eve said...

Beautiful words that really touched my heart. Just imagine. Dancing with our God. So wonderful.

Connie Arnold said...

What a beautiful image your words convey, Sara! Thank you and bless you!