Thursday, June 17, 2010

Under the Table

"But even the dogs under the table eat the children's crumbs" - Mark 7:28

Hungry for anything ... just a crumb will suffice.
Feeling unworthy. Afraid. The eyes of others scrutinize in her mind.
Dressed in tattered rags next to princely fabrics of extravagant gifts and talents.
She cannot compare.
No longer wanting to sit at His table. She just wants her King.

Broken and humbled, she slips under.
A dog, desiring simple crumbs.
The majestic wood hides her from their eyes searching mine.
The King whispers to her heart and joy trickles in her soul.
Crawling past fancy shoes and well worn feet fitted with the gospel of peace.
I reach feet adorned with scars of nail.

Kissing, washing with grateful tears.
All of my affections placed in a bottle,
to break at His feet.

Under the table, clutching just His feet.
Eyes closed tight, the unimaginable happens.
My King slips from His royal chair.
Leaving His rightful place of honor,
He crawls under the table.
Just to be with me.

For days I linger in this place.
Wrapped in His love, and in my unworthy state of heart
Prayers, tears, pain exposed, freedom released.
He beckons me to come out.

Glancing down my tattered rags replaced
Royal garments spun in blood red forgiveness
A place at the wedding feast, set for me, His princess.
Escorted, I am free to take my place
To reign in His kingdom with my King.

A journey of letting go of the past, the dog like feelings lurking in our hearts, learning to reign as children of the king. An astounding hold your breath in anticipation journey. Do you ever think can it get any better? I cannot possibly be the only one completely in awe of where I have come from and the path that awaits my every step. Delight, giddiness, reality of the kingdom seeping into me. A journey.


Jingle said...

rich and very sense making words...
may joy and love be with you.

Denise said...

Beautiful words dear one, and I stand in awe with you in this journey.

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Praising Him with you for the joy I know you now have completely in Him!

Love and hugs,

Andrea said...

LOVE it! I am in complete and utter Awe myself! Some days I cannot fathom the gifts He's given me and the grace I have received.
Thank you so much for sharing this!

Karen said...

Your words created a picture in my mind that brings me to tears and takes my breath away...He is really good at doing that....

Shonni said...

Yes, such love and such an incredible journey to walk with HIM. Love the way you captured the feeling with words!

Linda said...

A beautiful, remarkable journey Sara. I have walked those same paths, felt those same unworthy feelings, begged for the crumbs from the table. He is always, always faithful and loving and forgiving. What blessed daughters we are!

This is beautifully written Sara.

Annie said...

Sara, you keep making me cry, and I'm not even really sure why.

Debbie said...

Sara, you have such a unique way of writing. I love it. You express so much feeling with each post.

I hope to soon call you so I can get some Sara and the boys time. :)

Love you,

Hezra said...

Beautiful. And thank you so much for sharing your gift of writing AND love of our Lord with us! I am in awe lately myself. I have found myself in "hiding under the table mode" so much. My kids and I jokingly call it the tent of depression, when we need a good cry or good talk, they come to my bed(even in the middle of the day) and we snuggle and cry and talk. But sometimes I find myself there. And then I realize God is there TOO. And he talks me out of it just like I have talke my kids out.

********Shelly******** said...

beatiful, beautiful words....delighting with you on this kingdom journey :)

Anonymous said...

I love this line: " Do you ever think can it get any better? I cannot possibly be the only one completely in awe of where I have come from and the path that awaits my every step." Just beautiful.xo

Beth in NC said...

So beautiful Sara. <3 What can I add to that?