Monday, February 15, 2010

This Girl Gonna Smile

Happy....Smiling....Joy....Bubbles....Slides.....Flag football.....Family
Learning to smile, really smile again. To live life with joy,
Singing goofy songs, dancing around the kitchen with my kids
Lessons for mommy in flag football from two boyhood experts
Bike rides and how long has it been since I went down the slide?

Life was created to enjoy. As God transforms my life, a new zest is taking over.
Committed to laugh, kicking religious stuffiness where it needs to be.
No more stuffy mommy crammed into my life .. time for giggles, tickle wars, and random fun to season our lives once again.

To really happen, I need a plan. Will you help me? In the comments, leave some fun ideas for me to spark my creativity. And join me in celebrating life. Whoever taught me that God was boring and took the joy out of life is about to be proven wrong with whip cream and a cherry on top!
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Mocha Momma said...

Blow bubbles & or get a bubble machine so you can play too (a fan works too); play with the kids in the water/ snow/ or puddles; let them put a whip cream pie in your face; let them get really dirty and give 'em a big bubble bath if they like that.

Enjoy the new, fun you!

Denise said...

I am not a mom, but an aunt. We loving blowing bubbles, playing with water guns, food fights, playing board games.

Debbie Petras said...

I love seeing you smile Sarah Dawn. The photo of you being goofy is precious.

Although I have no children when I taught Bible study to little ones, I loved to color and play puzzles with them. I also love the time when we got outdoors to simply run in the playground. We also used to go on walks to search for the beauty of God's creation. They loved to point out beautiful flowers and rabbits.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Definately board games. How about Karoke, musical statues, dressing up as knights (or whatever they're into) and figting bad guys to rescue Princess Mummy??!! Lots of dancing around silly to music.

Anonymous said...

I have a lttle award for you on my blog. xo

Anonymous said...

I love this post - such a cute pic of you.

Unknown said...

Love the smiles and joy!

Bubbles are always a winner here. As is sledding!

Finger painting with food products like chocolate syrup - so they can lick their fingers when done!

We put on plays for each other. We love to sing and dance. We love to catch butterflies together in the summer and nothing makes them laugh harder than swimming with Mom and Dad.

Blessings and love!

Charlotte said...

Great photograph...

Creativity always involves learning something new or finding some bright new way of doing something old.

How about you and the kids learning how to make ballon animals together or try exploring the world of magic tricks? Practice makes perfect and magic isn't easy to learn but kids are natural born entertainers, so why not?

My personal favorite are "brain teasers" during dinner time. Not sure where but someone has a blog of daily brain teasers - my brother always loved trying to figure out the answers.

Explore, learn, create your own project runway of fun! Blue ribbons are optional.


Penny said...

Park time. I LOVED playing at the park as a kid.

Leslie said...

yay Sarah! I love you so much! Right now we are having so much fun with a mattress on the floor :) lots of flips, wrestles, tickles, cartwheels and snuggle story time, it's the best! (I think you may already know this!) :) I appreciated your email soooo much, I can't even tell you, I'm going to respond soon :)

Leslie said...

oooh, love the chocolate syrup idea above, i'm going to do that todsy!!!!!

The Klippensteins said...

Ooooo, a snowball fight???!!! Come on down. Lets see if you can stand the Canadian snow fun...

Heart2Heart said...

We love board games and just being around them outdoors, going on a walk, drawing with sidewalk chalk, jumprope, or even making something different in the kitchen.

Just enjoy yourself!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Sarah said...

Oh, when my boys (and girls!) were your son's ages, we built wooden train sets (got ours at Target) like crazy. We must have done that hundreds (maybe thousands) of times. We also had a great set of wooden blocks, that Adam (now 11) got for his second birthday. He and Grace are playing with them right now. We're always building something with them.

Bike rides, going to the park and nature walks are always wonderful. And if you're not at home, it's easier to not get distracted (at least for me!).

Of course, making cookies or other dessert is always a hit! And so is playdough or painting. We even like to paint with water out on the sidewalk. This is fun, and leaves no mess to clean up!

Many blessings to you!

Mocha Momma said...

Thanks for coming by. I just thought of some more ideas: the good old tent in the house made with tray tables & blankets; pull the kids around the house on an old blanket; make picture frames with beach glass, shells or other things from nature; an indoor picnic by a fireplace if you have one.

Have fun with all the ideas I see above.
nannette said...

This is the cutest picture! It's a picture full of life and fun and joy!

A couple of fun ideas... making pink heart shaped pancakes on a Saturday morning, actually topped with some of your whip cream! Just color the batter with a drop of red and use a heart cookie cutter in the pan. Let the kids do it for dad!

Also, let them make a building or whatever with bowls of pretzel sticks and gum drops. They love to create, and it's kind of like legos, stick the pretzel sticks into the gum drop and go from there.

Love your new attitude of freedom and joy. That is going to be a huge influence on your children and teach them so much about life.



Anonymous said...

Well, it's crazy...but I wake my kids up in the middle of the night and have parties with them. Yes, you read that right. Of course, only do this if your kids can go back to sleep easily....but we talk, giggle, and eat tons of junk food. It is my favorite thing to do with them, and I am convinced it will be one of their favorite memories too.

If I am having one of "those" know the kind where I start nit-picking...and I'm just a grump....I stop our whole routine and get it picnic style on the floor and then go to the cheap theater....or rent a movie. Then I've made a grumpy day, into a memory making day.

And one last one (even though I could probably write a 100) is, go to the library, get TONS of books and have a reading day on my bed.

Natasha said...

homemade playdough :) i hear that there are some edible recepies too- kool-aid, pb, oatmeal, or chocolate

Kristy said...

WOW!!!! What an awesome post!!! My best advice to give you is to read HIS word, the more we read his word the deeper our relationship with HIM gets. It is not a religion it is a Relationship. Find a womens bible study, do a Beth Moore study or something like that, and I promise you will be on FIRE!!! Dont ever let anyone tell you that God is boring, he loves you like nobody else could even imagine loving you, and he wants so badly to have a relationship with you....that is what makes HIM smile!!! Oh gosh I could go on and on, but I promise I wont. Just bask in his glory and remember to give it all back to HIM!!

Love and blessings, Kristy

Annie said...

That sock war we had was pretty fun. . . ;)

I don't know if your boys are into dress-up and history, but if they are, having a medieval or Bible time, or whatever meal was always fun when I was a kid.

AtlantaMama said...

I love this post and all of the FUN comments. I am stealing ideas too!!

My idea for yall....

ACTING and MOVIE making!!

Let your kids create characters for all four of you and then design a silly story line for their own home made movie. Action. Comedy. And lots of fun.

Then you can play it all back and enjoy watching yourselves and a few good laughs!!!

And hey, if they enjoy it, you can make a web video for all of us to laugh along with you! Share the fun!!