Thursday, January 21, 2010

Liquid Love

Content to behold just your shadow, I lived.
Breathing in toxic fumes of fear and judgement.
Veils of religion, false humility, victimization masking my heart.

Shrowded in darkness, yet created to live in your light.
Revealing the source, the lies of my enemy, I chose to embrace.
Pain lasting only a moment, erased by your lavish grace
Finally allowed access beyond walls built by slavery.

Your truth. You are truth,
Jesus erased the lies with scarred hands.
Only a crimson stain remains.

Enveloped in His love.

To breathe. Liquid love seeping into my heart, mind, soul, spirit, my me.
Peace. Freedom. Quiet. Only His voice speaking over me.

God loves me! This life changing truth seeps into my heart, my me, Sara. He loves me not because of how I can serve Him, but because of who I am. His daughter. His love covers everything in my life, setting me free from shackles and chains meant to destroy His beauty. His love, the power behind my faith. His love, contained in every syllable He spoke through His Word. His love, I'm splashing in it, drenching my spirit, heart, and mind in the Truth of His love. Anyone care to jump in and splash with me?
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Unknown said...

Jumping in it too - completely drenching myself in HIS LOVE for me!

Praying over you as I go off to sleep tonight!

Love and blessings dear one!

Pat Thacker said...

Hi Sarah Dawn
And it's a wonderful thing to know you are loved by God regardless! His love for us is consant & everlasting I truly enjoyed "splashing around with you".

KAT . . . said...

Yes, loved regardless! Earlier this morning my FB good morning comment was All things considered, JESUS still loves me. I am blessed!
Holy hugs and sweet splashing to you today, Sarah Dawn!

The Klippensteins said...

What a blessing it is to feel His love.

Unknown said...


Mich said...

Beautiful thoughts on the Savior today.

christy rose said...

Life changing truth here Sarah Dawn! Life changing!

Sarah said...

Absolutely! It's all about His love, isn't it?! EVERYTHING!!

Debbie Petras said...

So beautiful Sarah Dawn. I wanted to share with you that my realtor's assistant came by my house the other day as the new buyers walked through to decide what furniture they want to buy. I discovered that Judy is a Christian and she grew up on the mission field in Costa Rica. I told her about you and she hoped to meet you one day.

Thinking of you, my friend.

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

I need this just now. glad you stopped by and left a comment,..,Just been going through a tough time, like everybody else seems to be.

Linda said...

I read, just today, in my Bible Study book that the only weapon satan has is deception. He cannot change the truth of the way Jesus sees us.
It is a unique study of The Proverbs Woman (who has always rather intimidated me). The author says that we are made instantly virtuous the minute we trust Jesus as Savior. We grow, not by trying hard to get everything right, but by relying on Him to do the work in our lives.
I love that thought. It is so freeing.

Barbara Jean said...

Sarah Dawn,

I wish there was an email for you.
So much I would like to say.

I have read down all your posts till beginning of November.

I have experienced times of being set free in my Lord, Free to enjoy the beauty of His creation, to dance under the sun, to relish the comfort of His love, to settle quietly in His arms.

But something happened. I don't know where it went. My hearts desire is to please Him, but I take no time in His word.
How I long to splash along with you, but.....
I do not even know.... what... how.

I need my heart set on fire for Him again, a hunger for His word.

So much my heart wants to say, to Him, and I dare not slow down to do it. My heart may crumble.

Your journey is an inspiration.


barbara jean