Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Count My Fingers

"My servant Caleb thinks differently and follows me completely."
-Numbers 14:24

Precious one, today we celebrate your life. Counting your fingers, you woke up with a five year old smile.

"I will run faster now that I'm five." you proclaimed as you wiped the slumber from your eyes. Dear one, you've scratched the surface and it's just the beginning.

God has called you to run an enduring race, to run towards the prize and to teach others to run alongside of you.

Your namesake in the Bible, carried a legacy of boldness for the Lord. Trusting in His goodness and mercy despite the giants of the land. Standing strong, he faced an army of grumblers ready to kill him. He boldly declared the promises of the Lord and stood in the midst of the mediocrity of his generation, passionately believing that with God all things are possible.

Our Caleb Eric, you are called to shake the nations. Your boldness and passion for the Lord will slay many giants in your lifetime. You will fearlessly walk into all of the promises of the Lord. You will see the promised land.

The deep places in you will cry out and search the deep places of the Lord. Your creativity will move hearts and impact cultures.

Caleb, you bless our family with your joy, spontaneity, and life. An honor to be a part of your childhood, watching the plans of God unfold in your life. His purposes, your uniqueness, perfectly blended in a precious son with a contagious giggle and zest for life.

Happy Birthday my son.

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Debbie Petras said...

Happy Birthday to your Caleb. The plans you hope to have for his life are precious. It reminds me of the Scripture in Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Keep on splashin' Sarah Dawn. I love to visit with you.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday--again, my grandson Caleb. Sarah Dawn you have so captured your son and the vision from God. He indeed has marvelous plans for him. I'm blessed beyond words that I will also be able to be part of his childhood very soon! 25.

Anonymous said...

Wishing Caleb a blessed birthday.

Pom Pom said...

Five is a landmark age. I remember looking at my own hand when I was five and feeling so satisfied that I had reached this grown up status. Ha ha - now I'm 5 again . . . 50! I pray Caleb has a strong year.

Sharon Sloan said...

Happy Happy Birthday Caleb Eric! :)

Your mommy's heart for you herein reflect her prayers to the Lord for you! You are one blessed young man of honor!

Unknown said...

Oh sweet Caleb - happy 5th birthday!

I can't wait to hug you in person!

What precious words your Mommy has spoken over you and trusting that God will finish what He has begun in your heart!

Lots of love,
PS give mommy and daddy and joshua a hug from me too!

Chris said...

Happy birthday Caleb!

Mozi Esme said...

Happy birthday, Caleb! Sweet letter...

Karen said...

This is a precious birthday tribute to your blessed he is to have these words written to him...I KNOW he will have a wonderful birthday celebration...

Daveda said...

Happy Birthday to your mighty warrior!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Caleb!!!

Beth Herring said...

Happy 5th birthday sweet boy! You are a blessed little boy to have such a fabulous mom and dad!

May the Lord bless you and hold you close as He prepares you for all that your future holds in Him.

Unknown said...

Hi Sarah,

I may be repeating my comment because I'm not sure the other one 'took', but I've always loved your blog. Please stop by my site to get an award I have for you.


Heart2Heart said...

Sarah Dawn

Please pass along my birthday wishes to a very cute and adorable son, Caleb, you have which will someday make his mom and dad so proud even though they are already proud of him. Greatness is in store for him in the future.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Ike said...

I will pray for Caleb....that the Lord will take him and give him to His Son.

Mich said...

Happy birthday! What a cutie! May God's hand be on his life always!

I don't know about you, but some days i look at my children and think, "Lord, what did I do to deserve them?"

Sue said...

What a beautiful blessing for your sweet boy. Happy Birthday Caleb! God bless and use you mightily for His Kingdom! I know your Mommy and Daddy will be praying for that!

He & Me + 3 said...

What a precious post over your boy. He is adorable. Happy Birthday Caleb. May this year be blessed to the fullest!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Caleb!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to your precious son. May this fifth year be full of the grace and mercy and power of God!

Shaina said...

Aw, Happy Birthday to your son! :) This is the 2nd blog I have read today where the blogger's child has a birthday. Well, technically as I write this it is the 13th. I should be getting to bed!

TanyaLea said...

I love that you make these precious and POWERFUL confessions over your son...truly words of BLESSINGS and the Lord delights in every one! Since life and death are in the power of the tongue... you have certainly spoken LIFE into Caleb's future! LOVE IT!!!

Happy Birthday, sweet boy... enjoy being five and may God richly bless the year to come!! <><


Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

My son turns 5 in 2 weeks time! It is a landmark. Happy Birthday to your darling son.
Love Collette xxx

Denise said...

Happy Birthday dear Caleb, may you be blessed all the days of your life.

Andrea said...

Awe! Happy Birthday sweet Caleb!!! You too are now a whole hand old! ;o) My N loves that he's now a big boy as well. ;o) You are destined for glory sweet one.

From the Heart said...

Thanks for your comment on my WFW.
And Happy Birthday to your son, a beautiful tribute to him.

Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. Reading your post was like reading a Love Inspired Inspirational Romance Book. May God give you and yours many years of happiness. My husband and I have a 47th anniversary coming up in September. Where have the years gone? They have been good with the usual ups and downs but God has always been faithful to us and our two daughters (and a grandson and granddaughter of our youngest daughter).
From my heart to yours,

Rilda said...

May you continue to receive God's blessings beyond measure. You are worthy!! lovingly, rilda *U*

christy rose said...

Happy 5th birthday Caleb!
This is a very sweet post honoring your sweet son! He is a cutie!

Kristin said...

Just happened upon your blog...I love it. What a beautiful birthday post to your boy!

Anonymous said...

Oh Happy Birthday to Caleb! I am in awe of this beautiful post-honoring your child. Your love for him is clear and the love of God in your heart in clear here too!


Today is Thankful Thursday...and I just want to add-I am Thankful that you visited my blog and I have had the oppertunity to read yours!

RCUBEs said...

Happy 5th Caleb! Beautiful tribute for your beloved son, a servant in the making for the King! God bless.

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday, Caleb!!

~*Michelle*~ said...

Blog hopping and found myself happy!

Happy belated birthday to your sweet boy.....Five is great, isn't it?

I really love this powerful statement that you are speaking over/into him:
"Our Caleb Eric, you are called to shake the nations."


I will def. be back. :)

~Ang said...

How sweet!!
Much love,

Alleluiabelle said...

Hi Sarah Dawn,

I just joined your site as a follower and wanted to say hello. I thought I had already joined here, but found that I had not.

What a beautiful blog you have and the sweet heartfelt thoughts about your son are so endearing. Happy Birthday to your precious little boy...5 yrs. old is such a wonderful age.

I will be by again to visit. I wanted to stop in to say hello and I'm glad that I did.

Blessings, Peace & Love,

Anonymous said...

Dear Sara Dawn,

I know I am late, but ♫Happy Birthday to Caleb!♫

What a beautiful post!


Unknown said...

Loved these last two glimpses into your life and how God has blessed you! Keep splashin' for HIs glory, I'm savoring the spray.

Deb said...

Sara Dawn,

Your writing! I love it.

I read your twelfth anniversary post. So sweet. And beautiful. I wish you many, many more.

I'm signing up right now.

Can't wait to come back and splash some more!

Sweet dreams.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Happy Be-lated Birthday, Sweet Boy!

Wow! 5 is a great number! It's a whole handful of fun!

: D

Elle Bee said...

Happy belated birthday to your beautiful 5 year old Caleb.
PS Your blog header is so beautiful.

Heather said...

Your Caleb is the same age as my Gabriel.

What a wonderful blessing to be the mother of a five year old boy.

Exhausting at times, but always a blessing.

Happy Birthday, Caleb!