Thursday, April 23, 2009

The God of the Impossible

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” - Matthew 19:26

At times, the process of adoption seems overwhelming, almost impossible. Always remember, we serve a God of the impossible. When God places a dream in our hearts, He provides the wings and teaches us to fly.
As a young family, we dreamed of serving on the mission field.
Impossible with Bible college debt, a toddler and a baby on the way. Wings came as God canceled our debt, and gave us our little Caleb right before our missions training. Impossible to go as a family to Thailand 7 days after the Tsunami to share God’s love with the ravaged nation. God used our little ones to minister His grace and love and to be in a remarkable place after a tragedy.
Impossible to leave for the mission field full time with little financial support. We bought our tickets with our tax return and God has provided the rest. We have been serving in Central America for almost 5 years now.
Impossible to lead a team of Costa Rican missionaries to Kenya for an international outreach. Our family gave our tickets and God multiplied the money just like the fish and the loaves, providing for new tickets for us and the extra expenses of the team.
Impossible to adopt a child from Ethiopia while living in Costa Rica. Yesterday, we received official word that we have been accepted to adopt from Ethiopia.
We serve a God of the impossible. Thank you Lord, for giving our dreams wings to fly and teaching us to soar.


Cheryl said...

Dear Sarah Dawn! Yes,God is the God of the impossible. He says, "I'm possible!" (a little play on the word impossible!)I have personally followed all your story for years! I rejoice with you and your family! God has given my young one "Dreams" and will continue to "mount you up with the wings of the eagles" (your verse). Expecting my new grandchild(ren)soon!Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Praise God indeed. You're updates and stories are always inspiring. Thank you friend! Much love to you all. Elisa

Cherry Bedenkop said...

To God be the Glory! Thank you for sharing what He has done in and through you. Looking forward to more of your heart as you pour it out on the blog. Love, Cherry

Jaime G. said...

thanks for commenting on my blog.
and God truely is amazing. He always provides what is neeed. And for some reason, we are always amazed and humbled... as though we doubt His promises and provisions.
What an amazing journey He has put you on.