Monday, September 30, 2013

Formula Hunting

Today's formula ... Phenomenal Friends + Encouragement = Happy Momma.  And this momma is crazy blessed with Alanda for a friend.  She's one of those ladies who exudes encouragement and has spurred me on to be a better me just by being around her.  Delighted to share her with you today.  
I love formulas. I love 2 + 2 = 4 and if I do This + This = I will always get That. I remember reading a few parenting books while pregnant with my oldest and thinking that I would end with an excellent child if I did all the right things. My child would never cry, because I had the right tools, and never disobey because I knew how to discipline.  It was going to be wonderful. That bubble took about... three hours of actually being a parent, to burst.

As it turns out, our oldest came into this world having never read the parenting books. The books were not written about my children, nor had they factored in my flaws as a parent. They were good, they were written by wise people, and there were certainly gems to be gleaned.  However, they had never actually met my child. It turns out, no one can, or should, parent just like a book.

I cried out to God a lot as a new parent. I was tired and felt like an utter failure. I learned quickly, I had no idea what I was doing and I was in way over my head.  It was during this time of brokenness that I learned to listen, trust and walk with God during my parenting adventure. When you fully realize that you can’t, that’s when God can step in and say “But I can.” Over the years I've learned more and more to rely on Jesus to help me as a parent. I've learned:

He made me, He made my kids, He has the answers that no one else does.

There are no absolutes in parenting. There are no sure fire ways to have the perfect kid. Breathe easy, it’s ok; no one was meant to be the perfect parent. After all, if we were perfect, they wouldn't need a savior. So after all these years, what I have learned to realize is: I don’t know, and then I pray.  No one has all the answers, we aren't meant to. We were made to walk with God all the time. We were created to spend time with our creator. Parenting is no exception.

So Mom or Dad, pray for your kids! Pray for them to love the Lord. Pray that you would have wisdom as a parent. When you are at the end of your rope and need a solution, the Lord will meet you right where you are. He brings beautiful solutions in a million different ways. Sometimes an idea will come to me while I am praying. Sometimes it will be a wise friend who says just the words I needed to hear. Sometimes He speaks directly to my kids, and they will come to me with the answer… and sometimes I will read it on a blog :)

And as always, I would be crazy honored to have you link up with momma notes.  I jot some on Mondays, but you can link up any day of the week (I get the momma, filled to to the brim, schedules)   Just mom.  Sharing our notes.  Creating a melody.


Gina Poirier said...

Sooooo true. I always wondered why my kids didn't come with an instruction manual. Even the Bible is kinda vague about parenting...Or at least broad. I guess if it were simple, there wouldn't be such a beautiful diversity of children and people in the world :)

jviola79 said...

Loved this post. So very true. No matter what manual we read, each of our children is unique. Perhaps it is the way God keeps us leaning on Him & not others & going to His Manual :)
Have a great Tuesday!

Lisha said...

Hi Sarah! Just wanted you to know that I have been praying for you. I've missed the last couple weeks of Momma Notes, and your encouraging posts! :)


Jennifer said...

Thank you so much for hosting this link up!