Monday, December 13, 2010

All I Want For .....

Been dreaming about these eyes for a long time. Honestly, I've wanted this handsome water buffalo for some years now. At breakfast, I plopped down at the table and announced "I want a water buffalo this year for Christmas" Without missing a beat, my love mentioned something about it not fitting in my stocking with a glint in his eye. He knows me well.

Buffalo fever has gotten to me. Maybe it's the Veggie Tales song "Everybody's got a water buffalo." Maybe it's our family's passion for the poor. Maybe it's because for years of giving presents to Jesus, the water buffalo has alluded my grasp.

Every year while serving on the mission field as a family (and continuing the tradition back in the US) we have chosen our King's gifts through Gospel for Asia. When we were given our family's first Christmas tree in the rain forest, with out a scrap of ornaments, we made our own. Each handcrafted picture strung with care with little one's writing of God's promises for India adorned our tree. There are flocks of chickens, goats, rabbits. A well stands in a village offering clean water and the hope of living water. Warm blankets, a library of Bibles, warm clothes for our fellow missionaries in the mountains, bio sand water filters, and more all wrapped from us to Jesus over the years. But alas, when our family votes come in, the water buffalo receives only one vote year after year.

This year, I got a crazy idea. I cannot do it on my own. But together we can. My little splash (and my 8 year old is contributing the first $10), your little splash, and others who stop by to splash with us .... We can splash all the way to India. And imagine the splashing that a water buffalo can do to a poor family in India this year.

As we're singing around here "All I want for Christmas is a water buffalo ..." won't you join us?

(Click on the chip in button for a secure way to give. I will deposit all funds directly into Gospel for Asia's gift program which uses 100% of our gift taking nothing out)

And as always, I would love to hear from you. What do you want for Christmas this year? And does anyone know what sound a water buffalo makes?


Unknown said...

Singing with you!

Love you!

Melanie said...

Hi Sarah! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! You are more than welcome to splash around there anytime. I've been a horrible blogger as of late, but trying to get back into the swing of things. I'll be following you now as well, love love love your heart from what I've read so far!


Joyeful said...

I love this!! I really admire Gospel for Asia and I think what you are wanting to give to Jesus this Christmas is just awesome!! I'll be praying about what I can give! Our funds are kind of tight this year but I know that God is bigger and I know that when we step out He meets us!!!

Cynthia said...

I also asked for Gospel for Asia for Christmas. My sister sent me a card telling me that she had sponsored literacy classes for women in my name and a friend sent blankets. My daughters said they will give GFA to me as well. It is far more thrilling than anything that could be given to me under a tree!

Thank you Sarah for sharing your heart so often and so freely.

The Klippensteins said...

You know me. Always up for a party. Let's jump in together!!

Miss Janet said...

AMEN!!! I'm in!!

I just made a "friend" online. She is a Pastor's wife from India and I love her to death.

Money is very important in our world. Especially when you don't have any! Water buffalos are important too!!



Kim@stuffcould.... said...

Love the thought, so want to give those less fortunate. I hope I can give, after husband gets a job.

KAT . . . said...

Thank you so much Sara for stopping by KAT's Meows. I am excited about the water buffalo! What a wonderful idea. Thanks for letting me know about it. I've posted this link to Face Book asking my friends to pray about splashing.

Holy hugs,

Heather said...

Wow, a water buffalo, that would be a big thing to fit in a stocking. I will see if I can help with the Gospel for Asia campaign. Have a good afternoon!

Danae Hudson said...

Thanks for stopping by! I love this. :) I enjoy the animals. I've never had a water buffalo, but I've had a bundle of sheep.

Andrea said...

I know this sounds crazy, but I do not have a pay pal account. Is there another way to contribute. My email is:

Thanks for your comments on Arise 2 Write!


Together We Save said...

This is such an awesome thing to do. This year our youth group is buying chickens!!

Danae Hudson said...

What's the tally at? For some reason, I just see zeros!!

Sarah said...

The tally is at $165, the button still registers $0 as it will take 2-3 business days for me to be validated through my paypal account.

I smell water buffalo, not sure if it's a good smell, but I'm excited about it.

Thanks everyone!

Sarah said...

If you would like, you can mail me your donation. SImply email me bedenkop@gmail,com and I will send you my address.

Hugs for your day,

Unknown said...

What an awesome idea and blessing to a family in India!!!

BTW, the song is one of my favorite silly songs!

Unknown said...

What an awesome idea and blessing to a family in India!!!

BTW, the song is one of my favorite silly songs!

Annie said...

Ha Sarah, I love it! My sister and I got a llama once for Christmas. . . :) We got ours through Heifer international. And I think we gave my cousin a pig if I remember correctly. . .

I'm HOME for Christmas! I was gone for almost 11 months which is more than twice as long as I'd ever been gone before. It's so good to see my family again, but I'm glad I'll be going back to Colombia too.

David C Brown said...

That buffalo looks a bit wild to me - try

Be back, Grace be with you

Cheri Bunch said...

It was so kind of you stop by and invite me to come by and do some splashin' with you! Thank you for inviting me to your offering of worship. I am honored to be part of it! I have been to India twice, each time leaving part of my heart behind when I returned to the States.

It was such a blessing to meet you!

Merry Christmas!


KAT . . . said...

Sarah, I made an appeal to my Readers over at The White Stone
giving others an opportunity to pray over our Water Buffalo.

Love and hugs! kt

David C Brown said...

Hi! The wee video is my own,taken earlier this year in Andhra Pradesh - you're free to use it. I can email it to you if you let me know where to send it - or if you know a better way, help yourself. My email address is on my blog.

Grace be with you,


Danae Hudson said...

I wanted to tell you so that maybe you could pass it on to your readers - I'm doing a contest on my blog.

If anyone donates to you or to a few other Chip Ins, then they're in the running for a $50 gift card of their choice.

Here's the post!

Miss Janet said...

Just checkin in on the water buffalo. I may do a post linking to yours to help.

Blessings and favor to you sweet sister!


Here is a song to liven up your day. Gets me goin every time. Give HIM your BEST praise!

Heather Jones said...

Hi! I am following from Finding Friends Friday. I'd love for you to stop by and check my blog out. I think your family is adorable!

Heather From and Mommy Only Has Two Hands! and Lynhea Designs

Unknown said...

Wow what a fantastic idea!! Love it!

Good Luck with your goal!

Eliz Frank said...

Great idea to give back...
Stopped by to follow your blog from the Friend Finding Fridays blog hop... do comment/follow me back :-)
Have a Happy Holiday Season!
Positive Kismet Blog