Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Child's Smile

His smile captures my heart. Always has, always will. It's the mommy in me, beating strong, heart tied to a grin with dimples. A mighty tool for our Jesus, this little smile.

As a babe, His smile opened doors for the gospel in Thailand. After the Tsunami ravaged this beautiful country, we left to share hope. Everywhere we walked, arms reached for our children. People knew our hearts of love for them through a child's smile.

In Panama, traveling through the rainforest villages, instant connections made with other families through this smile. We were there to share Jesus, as a family, side by side. Friendships forged, bridge for the gospel, through a child's smile.

Kenya, Honduras, Costa Rica, United States, the trend continues. There is power wrapped in a smile. He moves my heart with a simple grin. Imagine what delight it brings our Abba God in heaven to see a smile spreading on our face. His child's smile.

I love Saturday posts ... simply a time to sneak a peak at my old snapshots and smile. Would you keep me grinning today and share something that makes you smile!


Christy said...

Beautiful post!

Amy Murphy said...

Yes, what a beautiful post. You can see the love for your boy just oozing!
Hope. That is what makes me smile today. Today I have a hope that we can adopt again soon. We shall see. I will keep praying. But there is hope!

Shonni said...

His smile is so’s true.
So I shared a smile over at my blog
Thanks for sharing!!

Unknown said...

You and your love for HIM make me smile! His smile is precious!

Love you,

Debbie Petras said...

What a beautiful precious smile he has! Nothing like a child to prepare a heart for the message of love. Praising God brings a smile to my face!

Love you,

He & Me + 3 said...

Smiles are so contagious. I love that picture.

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

Oh such a cute smile, you are right. Love looking at pics of a childs smile

Cheryl Barker said...

Love the thought about a child's smile being a mighty tool for Jesus. No matter our ages, a smile can change so many things...

Denise said...

Such a precious smile.