Monday, March 15, 2010

All in the Name

Hey sometimes, you just gotta get goofy!

Friends, many have asked and noticed a change around here. A new name, no longer Sarah Dawn, simply Sara. Still His princess, but with freshness and spunk. Laying down my identity, who I thought I was and created for myself, to learn His identity for me. I'm loving it. And thanks to my dear friend Jill, who keeps up with me designing and redesigning this little blog.

So now, what is your name, what does it mean to you? How did you get your name? Share a fun tidbit about yourself for all of us and keep splashing!


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Sara,
Well, I got my name from my paternal grandmother Nellie, so was known as lil Nellie for a good portion of my life. I loved my grandmother so was pleased to be named after her. However today it is a very unusual name or should I say old sounding name, in fact, until about 10 yrs. ago I never knew anyone my age with the name Nellie, but in the past 10 yrs, a woman younger than me that attends our church has the name, so that has been kinda funny. Nellie talking to Nellie! We usually laugh about it!
I sorta liked the name Sarah Dawn,
but maybe you are like some of the disciples Jesus renamed! Nothing wrong with that!!
Hope you have a good day hon,
Blessings, Nellie
Glad you are feeling so spunky and perky, that must be your joy bubbling up!! lol

Morgan said...

I was named after an actress on tv. When I was a kid, my name was considered a boys' name or surname. It wasn't much fun as people always assumed I would be a boy based on my name, or they'd flip flop my first and last names because they figured Morgan was a last name.

The ironic thing is now my name is pretty popular for girls.

It is interesting that God gives us a new name. I kind of wish I had a biblical meaning name (rather than goddess of the sea), so it makes me wonder what my new name would be...

Unknown said...

I was named after one of my mothers cousins. My name however was spelled differently It's Malissa instead of Melissa because she felt the e didn't look or sound right. I like it, it's unique and special to me :)

Jhona O. said...

I am named after my father(John or Juan) and am either called Jhona or Juana...depends who I am talking to! My middle name is from an aunt who was my mother's closest sister. I used to wish I had an easier name or that my folks would have spelled it the way most people would naturally spell it. I now love my name. I do use my middle name when ordering something for pick-up or delivery as most people can't pronounce it right the first time:) Thanks for asking this question. It's fun and important to remember that, while others may have our name, we are still unique. I am glad God knows my name;)

Leah Adams said...

I was not named after anyone...which always seemed odd to me since 'Leah' is a Bible name and my parents are Christians. I just always assumed that I had been named after the "Leah" in the Bible.

Anyway, I HATED my name when I was a kid. Couldn't find it on important things like pencils and erasers!! Those things are important to little girls, you know. Once I got into college, however, and I was the only Leah for miles around, it was kinda nice.


Sharon Sloan said...

My dad named me - Sharon. My middle name is Eileen which is my mom's name. In my family, my mom named the boys (2) and my dad named the girls (2). :)

So, your name is Sara. Can you share more with us about the "Sarah Dawn" and your "identity"? Will check back! :) Trusting HE is doing wonderful things in your heart!

Psalm 51:6 - Behold, You desire truth in the inward parts,
And in the hidden part You will make me to know wisdom.

Unknown said...

Trusting the beauty of your new name will reflect all that He is making new inside of you!

As I shared in my post yesterday about El Shadday - names are very important in the bible.

I was named after my grandfather Joseph. I was supposed to be Josephine but at the last minute they called me Jillian. Then it changed to Jill. I never met my grandfathers they both died the year I was in my mom's tummy. Supposedly they were incredible men.

Blessings on your continued journey of seeking to be who He is asking you to become!


Who am I... said...

Maralie= Happily, joyful!! So that is my lot in life!!:) My prayer for my life and others...that God love, and joy may abound!

Andrea said...

How fun is this post?! :o) Love the pic too, and the hair cut... so so cute!!
I was named after my mother's best friend in College. Andrea. Funny thing is that when my family used a nickname for me, it wasn't Andy or Ann or was Rea. (pronounced Ree-a) Many an embarassing 'nick-name' can be derived from Rea. :o)
I don't mind any more, but man, in high school it was brutal. :o)


Alison said...

I like the changes Sara! I think spring is so representative of making all things new and raising the dead to life! I like to make changes in the spring - it's so refreshing after hibernating all winter :)

My name means truthful. My parents heard the name "Alison" from the Linda Rondstat song and liked it.

Andrea said...

My parents were very young when I was born. They chose the name Andrea and the doctor who delivered me chose my middle name, Hope! So, I am Andrea Hope....GOD knew I would need to cling to HIS hope. I know HE planted that name in the heart of the physician.
Hugs, andrea

Unknown said...

The doctors told my mother I was going to be a boy so she was going to name me Alexander after the Russian Czar. I came out a girl much to her surprise so she named me Alexandra. I hated the name for so long because everyone thought of a boy before they met me. I have grown to love it because it is Greek and it means "helper and defender of mankind." I'm growing in my identity in Christ as well and this is who he is calling me to be.

Unknown said...

I was born into this world "CHERYL ANN" named by my birth mother and changed to Jennifer after my parents adopted me. Jennifer seems too serious, Jenni, too babyish. JEN=LOTS OF FUN! HUGS!


Denise said...

I love your name, and that picture. My name is Denise, I was named after my aunt. I was born at home, not the hospital. My aunt was there helping my mom.

Heart2Heart said...

Love your new design and direction! My name means pure and in looking up my last name discovered it means Messenger. Pure Messenger! I love this and the direction it gives my blog!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

God, My Savior Forever! said...

I think it's neat that you want to rejuvenate your blog and yourself. We can all do this once in a makes us feel alive, motivated, inspired.

Well my name Susan means "Lily" and I love it cause it's in the Bible. Also it says that the flower lily is strong and widthstands year round weather yet it's still gentle. That's definitely me:D I was named Susan after my mom's aunt who asked her to name me after her grandaughter Susan whom she never saw again after the divorce of his son. I do believe that the Lord is the one who names us way before conception!


When I was a little girl I hated my name. Yes, hate is a strong word - but I did not like it at all because there was not another girl in existance with my same name - UNTIL I was a freshman in HS and I made the Varsity basketball team. There was a tall blonde Senior on the team named Stephanie. She was the star player! After that I loved my name - and especially what it means. My name "STEPHANIE" means "CROWN"!

I pray that I can live up to that name for the glory of JESUS CHRIST!

Choosing JOY, Stephanie

KAT . . . said...

My first name is nothing special - Kathie -- other than my precious Mother gave it to me. I can still hear her saying Kathie Ann -- that was usually when I had done something I shouldn't. She's with Jesus now. But I have other names and it is those names that I would love for you to know about. If you will visit my blog, The White Stone, scroll to the bottom and read The Whitestone-Thompson Story.
Hopefully you can copy and paste and get there from here.

Holy Hugs!

Eberlys said...

Hi Sarah, I'm guessing you found me from Alison, glad you came for a visit :) We love our labradoodle but she does shed. She's still first generation so I think if you would get a 2nd or 3rd generation labradoodle it wouldn't be as much as a probalem. She has the most wonderful temperament though, really wonderful with the kids and loves to play and run and have her ears rubbed :) Thanks for stopping by and you have a very cute blog and theme.

TanyaLea said...

First of all, I did not know that Jill was the designer of your blog. I LOVE her and so appreciate her blogs, too!! She is a wonderful woman of God... as are you! <><

Okay, so this new 'Sara' will take some getting used to, as I came to know Sarah Dawn before you returned to the states and have been 'splashing' with you for quite some time now. But I look forward to what He has in store for you as you reveal this new you!! :) I still see the same beautiful person that I have loved from the start!

As for my name. Hmmmm. Well, I can tell you that I used to dislike it when I was younger. I wanted something more romantic like "Sabrina" and also liked the name "Tiffany". But mostly I did not like my middle name. I remember wishing my mom had picked something else. I thought the middle name "Lea" sounded like a boys name. It's pronounced "LEE" but I used to tell people it was pronounced "Leah". It took a lot of growing up to actually 'like' my name and embrace it. Now as you can see, I wear it proudly as part of my id out here in blogger world.

Fun post, Sara!!

aka: Tanya Lea!! :)

ginnyrecipes said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you found some things you liked!

The Klippensteins said...

My name comes from the movie Peter Pan!! Probably why I love to Soar....

Karen said...

Hey Sara! Just wanted to stop by and say hi! Hope you have a great day!

The McClain's said...

Hi! My name (Brooke Anastasia) comes from my Grandmother, Brooxie, and the Russian czar, Anastasia. My dad chose my name and I never really liked either of my names until my adult years.

Now I go by "Rut" because it is easier to pronounce. I love Ruth's story in the Bible and so this was a good fit when we were trying to come up with names that were easy to say in Spanish.

Have a great day! :)

Sharon said...

Thanks for 'splashing' around in my pond today. I do hope you enjoyed your swim!

My name is sharon... aka, skin bag for Jesus. Sharon is very close to "share-on"... so that's what I do when I get a chance to. :)

Skin bag? Because we're just skins that Jesus wants to live in, a vehicle to carry Him, a jar of clay to contain Him, a vessel to display Him..... the outside don't matter so much, but He desires to fill the IN-side to full until overflowing OUT to others!

Anonymous said...

I so can realte to this! Ha.

"Laying down my identity, who I thought I was and created for myself, to learn His identity for me."

About 2 years ago, He gave me a name 'Princess Warrior' and I didn't feel like either of those things. But over the past 2 years I have had such an intimacy with Him like I have never experienced in my life and am learning my identity in Him. I now know that I am His princess warrior.

My given name is Jo-Anne meaning "God is gracious" and yes He is!!! xo

Jackie said...

Hi Sara. Thanks for visiting my blog today and I welcome your splashing around. Your blog is very inspiring and I'll definitely be back. My parents named me after Jackie Kennedy.

Have a great day.


Julie said...

Thanks for your visit to my blog and your sweet words.
I can totally identify with your post here. Yes, I too have laid down my "self-made" identity to wear the one that was fashioned for me. The more I see Him in me, who He sees me to be.. the more I am undone. On my worst day I am the righteousness of Christ. Life just doesn't get any better than that.

My first name is Julie. It means "youthful one"... Funny here I am 52 years old and yet teenager friends of my teenagers love to "hang" with me... LOVE that! My middle name was what I hated. That is until God told me a couple of years ago that He had chosen it for me. You see when I was born my parents were SO expecting a boy that they didn't have a girls' name picked out for THREE DAYS. When I first heard that story it hit me hard... No name??? But then God spoke to me and told me of how He wanted just the right name to be chosen for me. My middle name is a family name. "Lamar".
It's also a boy's name in the south. That's why I hated it... But when God told me He had named me Lamar because it means "loyal" and that I was loyal a newfound love began.

I am one who is convinced that we are named by God... He has spoken other names to me through the last few years. One of which is why my blog is named what it is... "Jewel"... He has told me I am His "Jewel"....

Loved this post today!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the visiting my blog. I hope to hop back by and visit yours to look around.

Nadine said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I'm looking forward to getting to know you! :0) Love the family photo from this post! Very Cute!!!!

Jeanne said...

Thanks for your visit to my blog. Feel free to splash around as much as you want!

I was named after my mother's sister, Jean. Mum and Dad added the 'ne' to the end to modernise it pronouncing it like Genie in Aladdin.

Auntie Jean is my favourite Aunt, and I've always loved my name!!

Fun thread - I'ce enjoyed reading other replies here.

renewd42 said...

I got my name from my daddy, He liked Lisa. Louise my middle name, is also my mommas middle name. I am a missions rep at our home church teen ss teacher, and am studying rhema courses online and preaching on the side. I teach 5th and 6th graders in a christian school...and help w/ our youth group frontline!! I love our church of God church!! Thanks for doin this we can all get to know each other a to stop by n visit each blog blessings come on to have ya along!!

Linda said...

I think there is a great deal in a name. My Dad is the only one who calls me Lindylou. It always makes me feel like a little girl again.

I love the picture Sara. My little sister was the one who always made a face in the family pictures. I don't think we ever were clever enough to all do it at once :-)

Anonymous said...

your family is adorable :)

Anonymous said...

I love your splashing around concept :)
Names are interesting - interesting that God changed peoples names in the bible yet in our culture we don't change names. Does God add meaning to our names or does our name add meaning to us?
I like to believe that God can add meaning to the person - that a name doesn't bind you into a certain life.

Natasha said...

beautiful sara :)

my name means christmas child or precious gift. i've recently found out that in the greek it means resurection :) come on jesus!